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Elite Athlete Wins 5 Medals at World Championships in Norway!
★★★★★ *" Dr. Grossman is a miracle worker and will change your life! I am an elite athlete for the United States and without him I wouldn’t have won five medals in a world championship! Not only has he helped me in my athletic career but in my personal and family life as well. I would recommend him to any competitive athlete or athlete that competes in school sports, The preparedness and focus to excel will take you to new levels and really push your boundaries. I am looking forward to all the things I’m able to accomplish in the future and my positive outlook on life since I have started continual therapy with him!"
--Elisha Nelson

Panic Attacks Gone!
★★★★★ *" I found Dr. Grossman while doing a google search for remedies for anxiety. I was skeptic at first but he had amazing reviews and if you’ve ever been serious about trying to overcome a problem you will do just about anything. I signed up for several sessions upon his recommendations and have to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I have had crippling social anxiety for about 15 years. The sessions were therapeutic and he provided audio programs to help in between as well. I am happy to report I have not had a panic attack since starting this program. After the program I have continued to use the audio programs to help me sleep and kick start my mornings. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from any problem they are facing! I have tried it all and this was the only thing that has provided me not only lasting relief but ongoing support as well."
--Elena Martin

Pain Decreased by 30 to 40%!
★★★★★*"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of hypnosis to treat chronic pain, but went in with an open mind. I started doing hypnosis at the same time that I got a new mattress and started a new physical therapy program so I can't be 100% sure of which factor helped, but my pain did decrease a good 30-40% after trying the hypnosis for a couple of months. Furthermore, if you are trying to pick a hypnotist, I don't think you can do better than Dr. Ken. He was extremely professional and took a genuine interest in me getting better, which is rare these days. He also worked with me on a payment plan and does an excellent job."
--Ryan Frings

PTSD and Panic Attack Symptoms Relieved!
★★★★★ *"I am so grateful for my experience with hypnotherapy with Dr. Grossman. I am feeling so relieved of the PTSD and panic attack symptoms since working with Dr. Grossman. He has given me the tools to help me lead a stress free and positive life!
--Christine Trillo

Tried Everything to Stop Smoking Without Success Until Now!
★★★★★*"I am so pleased with the results of my session with Dr. Grossman. I have tried everything to stop smoking with no success. Due to the Covid 19 Shelter in place order, my session was offered via the telephone. I have to say I was skeptical but was willing to give it a try. It worked! I have not had ANY cravings since my session and have no desire to smoke. I am smoke free! Thank you so much Dr. Grossman! "
--Donna Villanueva

Relieved of Panic Attacks and Claustrophobia!
★★★★★ *"Dr. Kenneth Grossman, is an amazing doctor in his field. He is so knowledgeable, professional and caring. He does everything in his power to help his patients. His techniques to treat panic attacks and claustrophobia are very effective. His audio programs are very helpful as well. I highly recommend him."
--Rosa Antonini

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Feeling Better than He Has In Years!
★★★★★*"This years insurmountable problem has been my steadily declining mobility from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and the depression and anger that has accompanied it. My family has urged me for years to seek the help of a qualified professional. In May 2019, I met Dr. Ken Grossman and my quality of life has been dramatically enhanced by my hypnotherapy sessions with him. Dr. Ken also provided me with many self help skills that have made coping with my disease much easier. I still have bad days because it’s the very nature of neurological disease. But though Dr. Ken’s therapy, I feel better than I have in years. If you have a problem that seems completely unsolvable for you, I’d urge you to see him."
--Alex Constantino

Lost Weight and Gained Confidence!
★★★★★*"Thank you for changing my life, not once but twice. It was 17 years ago that you helped my parents quit smoking and gain a new and healthy life. And now it has been 4 months since you and I started working together by phone. Since then, I have gained a new perspective on life. I have been able to focus on what is important and I have lost much more than just weight. You helped me gain confidence, and I now walk around a little lighter each day! Pun very much intended! :p Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! For listening, for guiding me and for helping me take control of my life. I am so lucky to have found you!"
--Fabiana Aleman

★★★★★"With Your Help I Was One of only 3.4% to Pass the California State Boards!"
*”I saw you on March 8th for test anxiety because I was taking the California State Board Examination for Court Reporting. The test I took had the lowest pass rate of all time---only 3.4%! Because of my hypnosis sessions I went into the test feeling soooo confident. When I finished I was positive that I passed. Everyone else came out of the test crying and very upset. I got my test results in the mail and failed by two points. I requested a review and discovered they marked me off two points for capitalizing “Air Force” and marked three other things wrong that were right. I got the new letter last week and I passed! Because of my hypnosis session I never once imagined opening a letter that didn’t say “congratulations”. I swear I owe it all to you. I’m not sure I could have done it if I hadn’t seen you. Of the 6 of us who passed, 3 were already working court reporters from other states, so only us 3 were first time test takers. I just want to thank you so, so much for this. I really could never thank you enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I’m sending other students your way before the next test in July.”
--Miranda Rumsey

Stopped Drinking and Much More Relaxed!
★★★★★*"Just wanted send a note of Gratitude to Dr Ken. I am on my third and final road to Sobriety using his hypnosis. Yes I am a non drinker. I think the hypnosis helps to re-route the alcohol neural pathways and receptors that have been so affected by years of my relationship with alcohol both physically and mentally. Ive also used his hypnosis for other aspects of my life as well. It really does work and learning to breathe like he taught me has done magical things for my health."
--Scott May

Stopped Smoking after 40 plus years!
★★★★★*"Just wanted to reach out and let you know that yesterday was three weeks since I visited you and had a private Hypnosis Session to Quit Smoking. Well, I left your office a Non-Smoker and remain today a Non-Smoker. It has been difficult, I won't lie, but much easier than I expected. I am so happy to have this behind me. My husband and I listen to the recordings you sent and find them very helpful. Again thanks so much for your Hypnosis assistance in getting me to stop smoking after 40 plus years! Your friend,"
--Elisa Montes

Quit Drinking and Smoking!
★★★★★*"I’m doing very well, no thoughts of smoking or drinking! Feel kind of boring. I guess I need to get used to the new normal! Because of my success my best friend just made an appointment with you! Thanks again for everything!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST."
--Stacy Graves

77 Year Old Now Controlling Portions!
★★★★★*"I have been listening to your Hypnosis for Portion Control program. I lost only three or four pounds so far, but I noticed some real changes in my eating pattern. The daily snacking pattern has changed. I can order a coffee and not feel the need to have a snack. Also, when I do snack I am able to either save half or discard half. I am also consuming more fruit and salads. Incidentally, I have also listened to the Self Confidence and Positive Attitude recordings this year and I see many benefits, among them the ability to express myself more clearly in phone conversations with strangers. Also, when working on home projects, such as replacing a light fixture, which I did today, I work with more patience and more methodically than I ever have before. Also, I seek out help and that is something which I had always been reluctant to do. Not bad for a 77 year old who never believed he could change."
--Steven Soloman

Stopped Smoking and STILL a Non-Smoker!
★★★★★*"I went to see you to stop smoking many years ago. I knew that I would never smoke again, I left a carton of cigarettes near a trash can on the way out. There were hundreds of packs of cigarettes spilling out of your trash can!"
--David Barfell

Senior Changed his life!
★★★★★*"With Dr. Grossman’s recordings I’ve experienced major changes in neatness and organization. I felt overwhelmed by paper clutter. At some point after listening to the Neatness and Organization audio, it dawned on me that it is my choice what to do with paper. I began by shredding documents I did not need and then organized the remainder in my file system. The file system is complete for the first time after many hours of work, and for the first time ever! That is a lot of years since I am a senior. While I used to procrastinate in filing papers when I received them, I now file daily and it just doesn't feel like the chore it once did. I am also seeing a relationship of organization and procrastination. The more organized I become, the less I procrastinate. Thank you Dr. Grossman for rescuing me!"
--Steve Soloman

★★★★★*“I am a retired San Francisco police officer who is competing in the United States National Judo Championships. The private sessions I had with Dr. Grossman and the custom tape he made for me were absolutely fantastic! Perfect! Exactly what I needed and wanted. Only an accomplished martial artist like Dr. Grossman could have had the insight to make a program as good as the one he made for me. Thank you Dr. Grossman for taking the time to make my program perfect. I have the deepest of gratitude. If anyone is considering having hypnotherapy with Dr. Grossman feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want further information.”

--Neil Swendsen

★★★★★*"I attended your Stop Smoking seminar in 1992. I am still smoke free today. Inspired by my success with your program, I'm now studying hypnotherapy. Imagine that!"

★★★★★*"This is a testimonial. Dr. Grossman hypnotized me on Feb 17, 1994 to stop smoking and I have never smoked again. I pray the weight loss works as well. Thank you Dr Grossman. My son smokes and I will be ordering your smoking sessions for him."
--Sandra Gibson

★★★★★*"In 1993 I did a group hypnosis with you. I was not really wanting to quit smoking but was under pressure from my family to do so. I went that night, August 3,1993, with not much belief this would work. It worked!! No cravings no suffering at all. I have never had another cigarette in all these years. My daughter is now a smoker and I really think she would benefit the way I did. I think the group would be great for her. Could you let me know if groups are still available? Thank you."
--Nancy Gronseth

★★★★★*You hypnotized me 6 months ago for weight loss in private sessions. You gave me a suggestion to eat half. It worked! I easily dropped 26 pounds in 24 weeks and now I’m actually skinny! Eating half has become a way of life. It’s a habit for me now. And when I say half, I mean half. In fact, I’m somewhat anal about eating half. When dining out I usually take the other half home or have my husband eat the other half if we’re traveling, so it doesn’t go to waste. I always feel satisfied. If I want a few bites of dessert, I’ll have some and move on. Thanks again! I’m eating half and loving it!”

★★★★★*"Wanted to say thank you. I've used your hypnosis programs for several years now, and they helped me through some very rough patches of my marriage and increased my faith. I believe that Dr. Grossman's core belief must be with Jesus Christ, as he has inspired and helped so many through his work. Thank you."
--Scott May

★★★★★*"I bought your hypnosis programs a few years ago for weight Loss. I bought many other hypnosis programs during those years for other members of my family! I just love you Dr. Grossman! Thank you!"
--Anita Louise Ortega

★★★★★ *"Thank you for the very helpful personal sessions for weight loss. I had a surgery and did not have a chance to respond to your e-mails sooner. I am doing much better now. I appreciate your teaching me how to relax and will continue use the techniques I have learned. Thank you again, Sincerely,"
--Sophia Toney

★★★★★*"Using Dr. Grossman’s Neatn ess and Organization program has been very satisfying for me. I really hadn’t thought that in my seventies I could change a lifelong pattern. I wanted to change, but it had seemed hopeless. I knew this behavior was part of my family background, but that knowledge never helped me to change. This wasn’t a minor problem either. It has impacted me socially from college onward. What happened? Well, after using Dr. Grossman’s Neatness and Organization program my attitudes changed. I focus much less upon me and much more on whatever tasks I have. Before I would look at our house and feel overwhelmed by the number of hours it would take to organize and clean. Now I just follow my schedule (I never had a schedule before), and not only are tasks doable but they are quicker and easier to do and, might I say, enjoyable. I’m not getting much credit at home because there’s a belief it won’t last. After all, who makes major changes in their seventies? But the real change is where people can't see it, it has been internal. I’ve always had the inclination to organize, but never could seem to do it effectively. I had a good filing system but didn’t use it consistently. There was just too much paper to deal with. Listening to the program, I realized that I didn’t have to be controlled by paper. So I spent hours shredding what I didn’t need to keep. Also outlined what I would save in the future. There’s less reason to procrastinate when I’m not anxious about doing something. If you get half the results I've had, it's worth the price of the program. Since using other Dr. Grossman’s other programs, I feel that my thinking is more flexible. I've become aware of alternate choices when faced with a task or a challenge. Previously, I wouldn't think of alternatives until after I had acted. Thank you, again, Dr. Grossman.” --Stephen Solomon

★★★★★"Hypnosis for Paruresis (Bashful Bladder Syndrome) developed by Dr. Kenneth Grossman is a powerful hypnosis program for the treatment and cure of Avoidant Paruresis, sometimes referred to as Shy Bladder Syndrome, a debilitating Social Anxiety Disorder. Dr. Kenneth Grossman has carefully designed and recorded hypnotic suggestions that address the issues underlying this disorder. Suggestions aimed at the removal of self-consciousness, past trauma, and past repressed resentments associated with public urination are embedded deeply into the subconscious mind and likely into the individual’s actual neurobiology. One of the dynamics behind the production and maintenance of this disorder is repeated anxiety arousal with associated negative cognition's. This program is just what is indicated to counter the negative beliefs and reprogram the mind through the repetition of positive cognition's and accurate positive thoughts and beliefs. I am grateful to Dr. Grossman for developing this program and for Dr. Michael Mendelsohn, a fellow member of IPA, for encouraging this project. It will be extremely helpful and a real God send to many.*”

--Dr. Jerry A. White, Psy.D., LMFT Doctor of Psychology

★★★★★*”I just wanted to write you this short note today to let you know that after listening to your program I have not had one cigarette and feel 100 per cent better!!!! I was a just want to let everyone know how great it feels to be a non-smoker. I have smoked cigarettes for 15 yrs of my life. I smoked a pack a day every day. I have tried to quit using every method possible, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, pills from the doctor, cold turkey, regular chewing gum, candy, the list goes on and on. NOTHING worked. I heard about hypnotherapy and thought the same thing you do, ”Well that won’t work on me, I’m too smart for that.” In all actuality you’re not that smart at all if you don’t at least give this a try. I’ll be completely honest I was skeptical, but there’s no swinging pendulums or watches putting you to sleep, it’s just one person talking to another, you don’t really even go to sleep. You are aware of what is happening the entire time. I promise you this; you will walk in a smoker and walk out a non-smoker. I have now been smoke free for over 2 months. I can’t believe how great I feel it’s like I’m 20 yrs old again. There was no anger, or picking up any new habits, I didn’t feel like a part of me was now gone, the actual habit of smoking was gone! I didn’t even miss it, I actually can’t believe it. I have tried everything and to actually find something that really works, blows my mind. I am not a liar and would never say something that wasn’t true. I am a non-smoker and Ken Grossman saved my life. If you really want to quit smoking, with Dr. Ken Grossman’s help, you will! Become YOU again, become a non-smoker! Thank you for reading.*”

-- Joe Maumee ON-AIR DJ, 98 Rock Radio Station in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★*”Dr. Kenneth Grossman is one of the very best I've ever heard. I love his non-pretentiousness. I come from a psychotherapy into hypnosis background and really appreciate his style.*”

--Dr. Robin Lane, Ed.D

★★★★★*”I highly recommend Dr. Kenneth Grossman to anyone who wants to quit smoking.*”

—Dr. Gerald Vermeulen, MD Physician

★★★★★*”This program helped me quit after 40 years of smoking 2 packs a day. This program is well explained and of great value.*”

—Dr. Frank L. Wilkie, MD Physician

★★★★★*”With Dr. Grossman's help many of my patients have discontinued smoking.*”

—Dr. Kent Corral, MD Physician

★★★★★*”Excellent explanation of hypnosis and the hypnotic process. By the end of the session I was a non-smoker easily and effectively.*”

—Dr. Steven Taller, MD Physician

★★★★★*”Dr. Kenneth Grossman helped me quit smoking. I have become a believer! I strongly advise it to everyone who smokes.*”

—Dr.Joel Needleman, DDS Dentist

★★★★★*”This program worked for me and I highly recommend it to others.*”

—William P. Harrington Chief of Police

★★★★★*”I became a non-smoker with no physical or psychological withdrawal. I believe in the work you are doing and I will post your information on our church bulletin board for the benefit of others.*”

—Rev. Joseph Sanches Catholic Priest

★★★★★*”I SMOKED 2 PACKS A DAY FOR 45 YEARS AND QUIT 9 YEARS AGO WITH THIS. This was the best investment in time and money I’ve ever made. I’ve saved thousands of dollars! I feel healthy and alive! I’ve sent dozens of people to you and they are all non-smokers too.*”

—Andy Post, Postmaster

★★★★★*”It is so wonderful to be free of the burden of smoking. After endless attempts, I successfully became a non-smoker with Dr. Grossman. I am so grateful and I highly recommend his program.*”

—Rev James Dammeir Catholic Priest

★★★★★*”I’ve been using the Virtual Gastric LapBand for 3 weeks now! LOVE IT!!!!! I’ve lost 8 lbs and have NO cravings. My husband is delighted with the results! I’ve recommended you to friends and I look forward to looking better and better! Thank you!*”

--Cathy Moothart

★★★★★*”I just finished 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer. I never felt sick. I had lots of energy. My attitude has been good. I ran 4 miles every day. Your program helped me with pain management, stress management and weight loss. I listened to them every day. I can't thank you enough.*”

-- Sue Tomasine

★★★★★*”Since your stop smoking program on May 3, 1990, I'm still a non-smoker. For over 40 years, I was a pack a day smoker. Other than constantly pledging allegiance (patting the left shirt pocket for about 30 days) I felt no affects or withdrawal.*”

-- Willard Patterson

★★★★★*”Thank you for changing my life.*”

--Kathie Ricks

★★★★★*”For 30 years I smoked 2 to 3 packs a day. Now I've completely lost my desire to smoke. No cravings. No irritability. Nothing! Our time together saved my life. I am proud of my accomplishment. I love the new me and I can never repay you.*”

—Dale Sannow

★★★★★*”I was skeptical about being hypnotized but I had tried to quit smoking several times over the last 5 years. I have been smoke free over 9 months now. I am a non-smoker thanks to you. I had smoked pipes, cigars and cigarettes for over 16 years. Thank you for helping my family and me. God bless.*”

—Randal Roper

★★★★★*”I thought I would let you know what your program has done for me. I am free from cigarettes and have been for over 7 years now. I don't crave them at all. I was set free because I control me and not the other way around.*”

—Peggy Grindstaff

★★★★★*”I highly recommend you to all smokers.*”

—Rev John Atkinson Catholic Priest

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman's Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program helped both me and my husband to quit smoking. I had smoked for 25 years and my husband smoked for about 35 years. Neither of us have smoked since then and we've told many people about the success we had. I myself did not believe it would work, so thanks again!*”

—Esther Giddings

★★★★★*”Every February since 1993 I celebrate my Stop Smoking success. I have a special place in my heart for Dr. Grossman. Two weeks after quitting I found out I was pregnant. I am so grateful for Dr. Grossman. My son is now 11 years old and we have added two more children to our collection. They never knew a smoking mom. Thanks!*”

—LaDonna Hale

★★★★★*”The money spent with you has been the best investment I have ever made.*”

—David L. Jones

★★★★★*”I would like to say thanks to Dr. Grossman for helping me to stop smoking 18 years ago and have not smoked since! Best money I ever spent in my life. Thanks again for helping me get rid of the cancer sticks!*”

—Steve Rutherford

★★★★★*”I'm about to celebrate 18 years as a non-smoker! In fact, every time I see an ad or a pack of cigarettes, my mind still goes *”I am a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker. Thank you!!!*”

—Jo Smith

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman, you did a miracle! Your Stop Smoking program saved my life.*”

—Flo Vitale

★★★★★*”This changed my life! After 23 years I am now a non-smoker! I have nothing but praise and gratitude.*”

—Susan Raposa, RN Nurse

★★★★★*”Before my life was consumed with cigarettes. Cigarettes were the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I thought of every night. Dr. Grossman made quitting easy! My life is actually less stressful without smoking.*”

—Jeffery Rush

★★★★★*”I just want to thank you for helping me to become smoke free. I am going on 2 years now. It was the best money I have ever spent. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to quit. If I could quit any one can. I was a smoker of 18 years before I quit now I run 5k's and workout almost daily. Thank you for giving me my life.*”

--Cheri Haas

★★★★★*”For the first time in my life I feel that I can control stress. The panic attacks are completely gone. I can drive on the highway. I can go to the store. I have my life back! I am confident that I have the tools to manage stress. Thank you.*”

--Sara Toruney

★★★★★*”You have changed my life. I was once an extremely self-conscious and self-absorbed person who was overweight, stressed and had low self-esteem. Now, I no longer live numb and consumed with anxious thoughts. I just live and enjoy living and loving others. I'm no longer concerned over my appearance and how I present myself. Instead I enjoy taking excellent care of myself and have naturally become a healthy, active, thin, and confident person. Besides losing weight I have also shed other unhealthy habits naturally. Now I am living in the moment and finally able to accept myself just as I am. Your customer service is AMAZING :-).*”

--Shannon Railing

★★★★★*”I have had lots of wonderful changes in my life since you have become a part of my every day. I am better and loving it. Thank you for changing my life in so many ways. I am a thinner, more physically fit and a less stressed person. I have you as one of my best friends, at least in your voice, which I have grown to love. Thank you soooo much.*”

--Bobbi Mayginnes

★★★★★*”Thank You for such a quick response. Your voice is sooo relaxing. I didn't think that I was a good candidate for Hypnosis-and I am a Hypnotherapist!!*"

-- Edna Sheffield

★★★★★*” Thank you so much for changing my life. I was diagnosed with bulging disks in my neck about 9 months ago and the pain was unbearable at times. I was given prescriptions to relieve the pain; however, I was unable to exercise regularly as I was accustomed to doing before the injury. Since listening to you I feel absolutely wonderful. On some days I only listen to the stress reduction session and I've noticed that the pain is still under control. I am now embarking on a career as a voice-over artist. Thanks again for the miraculous effect you've had on my life.*”

--Lisa Abraham

★★★★★*”I have lost 20 pounds using your program. I am now very active with at least 2 hours of exercise each day & nothing sweet has passed my lips for months. I also listen to your discs most days. The reason I am so thrilled with your program is that I am losing weight without the hunger.*”

--Rosemarie Greedy

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman is a talented and internationally recognized hypnotist who has helped people with all kinds of concerns. In Hypnosis for Paruresis (Bashful Bladder Syndrome) he leads the listener through a series of processes that deal with all of the underlying issues that people with Shy Bladder Syndrome face. If you suffer from Shy Bladder Syndrome, this program can give you a whole new lease on life.*”

Dr. Michael Mendelsohn, Doctor of Pharmacy

★★★★★*”I listened to your Hypnosis for Sugar & Chocolate program a couple of times before Halloween. I was passing out candy bars to Trick-or-Treaters all evening and I didn’t have one piece of chocolate. I can’t believe it! Now I’m ordering several other programs for myself and for Christmas gifts.*”

--Peggy Glendening

★★★★★*”I have been doing your weight loss program for 3 weeks now and I have already lost 9 pounds. I am so excited because I know that I will now make it to my goal weight of 180 lbs. Thanks so much!!*”

--Jayson Kunz

★★★★★*”I haven't touched a cigarette since the final one. I was a smoker for 21 years, from the age of 14 to 35. So far hypnosis is the ONLY method that has allowed me to quit smoking without cravings and feelings of deprivation. Something about the hypnosis suggestions made me handle situations in a way I was never able to before. The education you provide about quitting smoking (knowing what to expect along the way) in conjunction with your program has made me stronger. You have given me a sense of willpower I didn't know I had. I am a 100% believer in this program *”

-- Cherie S.

★★★★★*”I have tried to quit dozens of times using the patch. As long as I was on the patch, I was fine. Once off, it was only a matter of time until I was back. Now I haven't even entertained a thought of going back. The hypnosis is truly amazing. Thanks.*”

--- William Valentine

★★★★★*”I visited one of your stop smoking seminars at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville in1988. I have not had a cigarette since, nor do I crave having one. I encouraged my wife to attend your seminar in Columbus, Ohio in 1993. She has been a non-smoker ever since. Thanks to you we are both healthier and enjoying our grandchildren.*”

--Roy and Pat Hume

★★★★★*”Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help and the timely manner in your response. Everyone I have spoken with or corresponded with from Dr. Grossman's Organization has been first rate and I really do appreciate you kindness.*”

--Regina Kingston

★★★★★*”Just wanted to let you know that I have been a non-smoker for 61 days now! I am so excited. There was a time where I thought I would never be able to do it. I tried your Hypnosis for Smoking & it work for a couple of weeks, but I had a hard day and went right back to smoking. I emailed you and you gave me some words of encouragement and told me to try again. So I did with the intention of becoming a non-smoker...well, today marks 61 days of being a non-smoker!! Thank you Dr. Grossman!*”

--Vickie from Long Beach, CA

★★★★★*”I recently tried your Hypnosis for Insomnia and the Hypnosis for Increased Sexual Virility In Men hypnosis programs programs and to my extreme delight they have yielded results rather quickly. I think everyone should know that your hypnosis programs really work.*”

--Greg Elieff

★★★★★*”I have to tell you how much your Stress Reduction hypnosis programs are working for me! I went from having 5-10 panic attacks a day to having NONE. The worst part was feeling that another panic attack was just around the corner, and *”fighting*” not to have one. I haven't felt that way since I started your hypnosis programs.*”

-- Paige Maston

★★★★★*”I lost an average of 16 pounds between our private sessions for weight loss! You've really blown me away with the powerful hypnosis sessions we did by phone and how much you've been able to help me. I am now a choosy eater! I have a new body image. I am not perfect, but I feel fantastic and that really feels good for the first time in my life. I really, really thank you.*”

--Terry Burke

★★★★★*”I tried your Hypnosis to Stop Smoking program over 4 years ago. The last drag of a cigarette was Feb 11, 2003! I've been smoke free for over four years and healthier for it. That investment has saved me over $7000 that would have been spent on cigarettes. It has also saved me from the potential of disease! While I get an occasional craving that pops up, all it takes to purge the craving is the smell of second hand smoke. The craving instantly disappears followed by disgust of the thought of smoking. While this solution may not work for everyone, it helped me finally choose to STOP…not quit because no one likes a quitter…smoking!*”

--Seann Jackson

★★★★★*”I quit smoking 3 years ago after joining your *”Hypnosis for Smoking*” sessions -- and I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 30 years. People who know me in the last 3 years can’t believe I ever was a smoker--and the other people still can’t believe I am a non-smoker--because I never even tried to quit before so I can’t believe it took me that long to quit the dirty habit. Now I am free forever without any desire to smoke again—ever!*”

--Linda Butler

★★★★★*”I waited for 6 months to send this. This morning I reached my weight goal! We set it over 7 months ago. You taught me persistence and maturity and patience and kindness to myself. I didn't do everything perfectly. I am not a saint. You put some things into my mind that just kept repeating over and over every day. Now I love to exercise and I love to eat for my health instead of junk. Those things I never did before our private sessions for weight loss together. I don't think I ever even tasted food before. The sessions were the best money I ever spent. Thank you and God bless you.*”

-- Becky Creighton

★★★★★*”If your Customer Service is any example of the product I am sure it will be amazing. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.*”

-- Kimberly Zink

★★★★★*”Your Stress Reduction hypnosis programs work great. I've noticed a marked improvement in my dealings with others and my marriage is also benefiting from my much calmer attitude. Thank you.*”

--Harry Eckert Jr.

★★★★★*”I am living a much better life now since we did those private sessions by telephone for my social anxiety. I have survived the entire boys’ basketball season, going to airports, and much, much more. I don’t understand it, but the tools you have given me all seem to work. Thank you.*”

--Chuck Massier

★★★★★*”I am happy to say that I also purchased your Hypnosis for Insomnia and my doctor was able to discontinue my scrip. Your hypnosis programs were more effective and I didn't have any of the side effects of the medication.*”

--Harry Eckert Jr.

★★★★★*”Thanks again, Dr. Ken, for writing me personally and answering my questions. It’s very exciting that I get to communicate with you directly! This makes me feel important as a customer instead of being just another credit card number.*”

--Lynn Diddens

★★★★★*”I just wanted to let you know that your skeptic friend from the East Coast has lost 7 pounds in just 2 weeks since she tried your Weight Loss hypnosis programs. It's just amazing! It has truly helped me to focus on positive self-messages.*”

--Valerie Dugan (Corradino)

★★★★★*”I’ve been using the weight loss program and have to tell you that I’m amazed at what changes it has made. I’m so glad we found out about you.*”

--Kandi Rosenthal

★★★★★*”I have tried your hypnosis programs for Weight Loss. I am doing great with how I feel about food. My thoughts have done a complete about face. Before all I could think about was greasy food and carbs. Now they do not even tempt me! It’s amazing! I am very over weight and have been for a few years, but now I know that this will end thanks to this program.*”

--Lynda Hawkins

★★★★★*”I am delighted with your concentration hypnosis programs that I am using to help me improve my efforts to learn piano as an adult.*”

--Terri LaFleur

★★★★★*”I was very skeptical of being able to be hypnotized however I didn't want that first cigarette or any other after that! My roommate quit smoking cold turkey about 10 months ago, and she just can't believe that I have no side effects of quitting whatsoever. I think she may be a little bit jealous! She was so impressed that this program stopped me from the 45 year habit of smoking over two packs a day that she has ordered your weight loss program. Many thanks again for the added years to my life.*”

--Nadine Phelps. St. Augustine, Florida

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman, I just wanted to thank you for your stop smoking hypnosis programs. It was so much easier than any other time I tried to quit. I was not stressed or climbing the walls. It has been 25 days now. I feel great!!! Thanks again!!!*”

--Beth Nave

★★★★★*”I have all your programs Dr. Ken, but believe me Hypnosis for Male Sexual Virility is the best! I thank you and my wife thanks you!*”

--Jason Tardivia

★★★★★*”My Custom hypnosis programs was worth every penny I spent for it. I would be happy to have you post my comments on your website. I am sure there are many people out there who have the same dental problem that I had. I see people every day who walk around without their teeth in, and although I never ask I believe they have dentures but find it difficult to wear them. My denture problem was real embarrassing for me. Besides they used to make me feel nauseated. From the very first time I joined my Custom hypnosis session it worked! My dentures have been in and comfortable just about 24 hours a day now every day. I am no longer nauseated and I feel great all day long. It is no longer a problem or an embarrassment any longer thanks to you. I never gave hypnotism a thought before but it works.*”

--Terry Wood

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman, I want to that you for all you have done for me. I practice self-hypnosis every day and I still listen to your hypnosis programs. You have changed the way I see life and myself. That is a gift I will never be able to thank you enough for. Thank you for helping me find a whole new way to live my life during our private sessions.*”

--Kerry Canard

★★★★★*”I am 51 years old and have been smoking since I was about 16; I quit for a while when I had my daughter, but started again. I heard about Dr. Grossman and thought for my New Year’s resolution I would quit for good. I never believed in hypnosis but, guess what? It works! I have been smoke free for 2 years now. (With no weight gain, I was already over weight.) This year for New Year’s I thought if I can quit smoking, I can lose weight; I tried weight loss hypnosis programs. In 14 days I have lost 10 lbs. and I am still losing. I am a believer. My next hypnosis programs will be Hypnosis for Motivation and High Energy. I'll let you know how it goes.*”

--Sandy Saucedo

★★★★★*”I wanted to let you know that I have always tried to stay active and have tried many things but often get discouraged. When I ordered your Weight Loss program that's where I was at. I had even spent $700 to join the gym and wasn't going. After a couple of nights listening to the program I all of a sudden felt an incredible urge to exercise and be active. I have worked out every day since and even joined a tap dance class to break things up a little. Thank you so much. Now all I have to work on is eating fish. I do also enjoy your weekly tips--good news for me because now I love tea and don't drink coffee at all.*”

--Dawn Gaffney

★★★★★*”I have gotten such poor service from so many companies over the past year I thought suboptimal U.S. service companies were the norm. You guys are outstanding. Thanks a million customer service!*”

--Kevin Johnson

★★★★★*”I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are one of your success stories. We attended your stop smoking session over 10 years ago and are still smoke-free! My husband had a 4-1/2 pack a day habit! Thank you!*”

--Vanessa Roland

★★★★★*”Today is day 92 of the hypnosis for weight loss program and as of this morning I am down to 273 lbs. from a starting weight of 331 lbs. which is a loss of 58 lbs. I am a walking infomercial for kengrossman.com. I have been telling everyone about it.*”

--Todd Wishnev

★★★★★*”Your hypnosis programs on weight control are excellent. You got me started back doing my morning exercises. Many thanks.”


★★★★★*”I am a severe diabetic with every complication possible. One of the biggest problems with this disease is weight gain. Through a series of operations and finally an amputation I was to the point of no return. I passed 425 pounds and daily life functions became impossible! I had to buy a special shipping scale to weigh myself or go to the refuse weighing station. I needed help with everything, eating, dressing and even getting out of a chair! At restaurants I had to ask for a table because I could no longer fit into a booth! I was depressed, felt old and useless and barely made it through my daily routine and was fading fast. I tried and failed at every diet, diet pills books, doctors and clinical programs. I was just waiting to explode! I had given up! I was classified as morbidly obese and several doctors recommended that I undergo the operation with the stomach stapling to reduce my weight or I would soon die! Then I heard about your weight loss program and I figured, why not? I tried everything else. I purchased and started listening to your tapes. Most of the time I just fell asleep while listening. A miracle then seemed to happen. I started to lose weight--effortlessly! I no longer craved the fatty foods and desserts. My diet was changing!! For 53 years I have hated fish! Now it is one of my favorites! I crave salads and fruits and all the things that are good for me. My metabolism has sped up and I feel more motivated. I saw the weight drop off and for once in my life I saw that light at the end of the tunnel. I have become motivated to get up out of my wheel chair and start walking for exercise even though I have a prosthetic leg. The process has been constant over a period of time. I have lost about 100 pounds and am well on the way to a new me. I already can see myself as that healthier and leaner person inside of me that is coming out! Dr. Grossman, you have literally saved my life! I will be forever in your debt. Thank God for people like you that have spent their lives helping others. God bless you.*”

--Michael Maiorano

★★★★★*”It was most enlightening to discover how our lives can be drastically improved simply by retraining the brain using an easily applied technique.*”

--Deborah John

★★★★★*”I love your Stop Smoking hypnosis programs, because for the first time in 15 years I wake up every morning without the need to immediately light up a cigarette. Thank you so much.*”

---Carolyn Malcolm

★★★★★*”It is always a pleasure to see a gifted and passionate teacher in action. Great job!*”

—Richard Flanagan

★★★★★*”I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in or even just slightly curious about hypnosis and its benefits.*”

—Mike Lenhoff

★★★★★*”Fantastic, well-presented and great fun. I think anyone would benefit whatever their lifestyle or career.*”

— Alex Weinberg

★★★★★*” I just wanted you to know that since beginning your program along with a low carb and exercise program, I have lost 26 pounds. It has taken me about six weeks. I have increased my workout from 20 minutes to 80 minutes of intense walking a day. I am so excited. I feel so much better. I have had a few bad days but I just make sure that I immediately bounce back to assure not falling into a bottomless pit. Thank you for following me through this day-to-day journey and supporting me.*”

--Sherry Morgan


★★★★★*”You may not remember, but you helped my son Michael with his focus on baseball. We began the private session for sports program in the summer of 2005. About the time we started, our baseball season was really over for the year. Michael had this last fall and winter to prepare. He used your hypnosis programs's sparingly at first. I don’t think he was convinced the hypnosis programs's were being effective. Starting last fall, I made Michael get up about 30 minutes early...before school...so he could listen to one of the many hypnosis programs's you provided. It has really helped him. We're nearly halfway into our baseball season and Michael is batting about 450 and has an on base percentage well about 650. He's leading the team in steals and second in batting average. When Michael is at bat, he's so calm and waits for the right pitch. Before, Michael would be swinging at the first pitch and inevitably get behind in the count. Not anymore. He had 49 at bats before striking out. For high school, that's quite an accomplishment. But his patience has allowed him to consistently run the count nearly full and he's one of the best hitters with 2 strikes. Naturally, I'm a proud Dad but Michael seems to be the calmer one. He doesn’t gloat or brag; he just allows his performance to speak for himself. We've worked hard in the batting cages the last 6 months, but I do feel you have provided a window of opportunity for Michael to hone his skills. There's no doubt he'll be playing at the next level. He still has another year of high school to complete. Michael varies the hypnosis programs's he listens to, but uses the baseball one on game days. I spoke with his Algebra teacher early in the year and she was amazed at his attention span. She described him as leaning forward and waiting with baited breath for her next words. His grades have improved, but they could still come up more. We've got ACT's this weekend. It's like clockwork now. Michael instinctively goes to bed early...before 10 PM...and wakes early enough before getting ready for school. We're really pleased with his improvements to date and wanted to thank you for your assistance.*”

--Larry E.

★★★★★*”I just wanted to drop a quick email to you to let you know that I started reducing my weight just from being on your website. I took a few days to think about ordering the Weight Loss Program before I actually did. Then I got your amazing eating plan by email. In the course of the last 2 weeks since I found your site and began your program I have reduced an astonishing 11 pounds!!!!!!!!!! I have a very long way to go, but I feel great about starting that journey. Thank you so much for helping me.

--Lisa Dean

★★★★★*”I have purchase many things on the internet and I just have one thing to say: you really have a wonderful customer service.

--Jose Trujillo

★★★★★*”I have lost 30 pounds in 7 months and 6 dress sizes. I am amazed with the result of your hypnosis programs.*”

--Leslie Dale

★★★★★*”I find your weight loss hypnosis programs to be a very supportive way for me to keep on track with my goals. Thank you so very much.*”

--RL,New York

★★★★★*”I have had a very rough few months. I have been checking out different ways to relax and put myself into a positive state of mind. In my search for information I ran across your Free E-Book on Self Hypnosis. Just reading your information has given me a lot of insight on how positive thinking, deep breathing, relaxation and having an open mind to new things can have a positive impact on your life. I just wanted to say thank you!*”

--Marcy Langey

★★★★★*”I have been using the weight loss hypnosis programs for losing weight. I just had a hip replacement surgery and I am still limited in the amount of exercise I can do each day. But I did lose 25 pounds! Thanks.*”

--Joyce Mirowski

★★★★★*”I’m impressed by the quick customer service and follow up. Have received all materials ordered and download of the free e-book. I am absorbing and learning. First run through of Stress Reduction hypnosis programs was great.*”

--Mary Daoui

★★★★★*”I am a 22 year old about to graduate from college and I have had such success with the weight loss hypnosis series. The most striking change for me is that it has helped me to beat what was truly a problem with sugar. I cannot thank you enough. This was so emotionally and physically harmful to me and now I feel empowered to overcome it. I feel great and am excited to graduate with this new tool to support me for the rest of my life.*”

--Ariel Gaines

★★★★★*”I love the weight loss hypnosis programs. I could tell a difference on the first day! I have more energy, feel so much more positive and best of all, I have not been thinking about food all the time. Thank you!*”

--Jo-Ann Fogleman

★★★★★*”This past weekend, I played my first round since using your Hypnosis for Golf hypnosis programs for golf and putting. In 14 years of playing golf and becoming fairly accomplished, there are two things I’ve never done in a round of golf. 1) Hit 100% of the fairways…and…2) Have three straight birdies. This weekend I did both in one round!! I’ve never been more relaxed on the golf course. I’ve got some work to do, but I’m very encouraged and will continue to use the hypnosis programs. I thought you’d like to know. Thanks!*”

--Jim Harris

★★★★★*”I just wanted to give you an update. I am still following your eating plan and using your Weight Loss program's with great success. I cannot thank you enough. I have reduced 28 pounds since Christmas. I am a diabetic and I have been using a pump for 3 years. On your program, I had to reduce my daily levels and, as of two days ago, I had to remove my pump completely!!! What an awesome feeling of freedom! I feel that a powerful hand has moved through my life…a hand that guided me to your website and is now helping me toward a healthy life. I have tried everything and I have not been able to control my weight. Well, NOT anymore. I am in control and I feel so powerful. I am making healthy choices and keeping only positive thoughts. *”What you think about...comes about*” that is my new motto. As well as, *”Mental changes first physical changes will follow*”. I have those 2 quotes posted all over my house and office, just to remind me that you are on my side.*”

--Lisa Dean

★★★★★*”WOW! The Customer service that you provide is unheard of!

--Moncef Ahardan

★★★★★*”I have tried and tried to lose weight in the past. I even went to Weight Watchers with no long term avail. This time I seem to be sailing right through. I have now lost 18.2 lbs in 7 weeks. And I am thrilled. Your Weight Loss Hypnosis program's have really helped. I used to drool all over the bakery items, now I can look at them and not give them a second glance or thought.*”

--Carole Majerus

★★★★★*”I'm about to celebrate 18 years as a non-smoker! I attended an event you did in Raleigh and have never touched another cigarette. In fact, every time I see an ad or a pack of cigarettes, my mind still goes *”I am a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker. I am a non-smoker. Thank you!!!*”

--Jo Smith

★★★★★*” I am college student who has been having serious eating issues for the last year and half. I just wanted to mention that I started your weight loss hypnosis programs two weeks ago and I've already lost about 5lbs! I love going to the gym on campus and I love to eat those *”protein foods that fill you up and stay with you*” :-). I am happy to report that I am finally able to get in to what I used to call my fat jeans but suddenly became my skinny jeans. I really feel that your hypnosis programs are helping me. I haven’t eaten any bad junk foods since I've started listening to you. I was in a real bad place in my life for a long long time. I just had to find something that would work for me because doing it on my own wasn't working. I am so glad I've found you! I will keep you posted! Thanks for everything.*”

-- Amanda Fisk

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman, you did a miracle! Your Stop Smoking program saved my life.*”

--Flo Vitale, Illinois

★★★★★*”Your free eBook,”Mastering the Art of Self-Hypnosis” contains the most valuable lessons I've had in my life. Thank you so much.*”

--Nitheshsharma Garudadri

★★★★★*” I recently tried a couple of sessions of your hypnosis programs for weight loss. I have to say thank you for giving me the motivation to exercise. Even though I'm not doing very much yet, I do make a point of getting up from my desk during the day and walking up and down the 3 flights of stairs that we have in our building. I can't do much yet, but I know it will come in time. Thanks for all of your help.*”

--Sharon Seeler

★★★★★*”I completely put away the diet drinks and sodas. I'm now drinking water or some type of fruit juice. In the mornings for breakfast I'm drinking a protein shake that is put out by Med Rx with whey in it. It really fills me up. Then I'm concentrating on eating high protein foods for lunch and then either a good supper or another shake depending on my time and schedule. I am completely doing away with sugar and sugar substitutes and bread/flour products. It was tough at first, but I'm over the *”hump*”. I used to love to sit down and inhale a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts but now I have my head on straight thanks to my weight loss hypnosis program. I'm walking the stairs in my office 3 reps, 3 times a day (10am, 12:30 and 3:00pm). I'm down another 7 pounds this week.*”

---Sharon Seeler (update)

★★★★★*” I did your Stop Smoking Hypnosis on July 28, 1992. I want to say THANK YOU!! I haven't touched a cigarette since that night and have never once been tempted to do so....and I was a pack-a-day smoker for 35 years and never quit once until that very night.*”

--Patricia Ballinger

★★★★★*”I just wanted to let you know how wonderful and powerful the *”Become Rich & Happy*” program really is. Words cannot express the subtle but apparent and positive changes taking place since starting the program. I am greatly anticipating much more success to come through continued use of the program. I especially enjoy the 50 affirmations program which I listen to constantly to reinforce the hypnosis program. After many years of trying and using other self-improvement tools, I am overjoyed to say that the hypnosis, 50 affirmations, and instruction program contained within the program provides unprecedented success tools by which any individual can use to dramatically reprogram their mind, habits, and beliefs to bring about truly rewarding success.*”

-- Timothy Frost

★★★★★*”We had three private sessions concerning my needle phobia and it really paid off. Today I went for my blood work. My blood pressure was high when I first went into the office but listening to your tape and drinking 2 bottles of water as you suggested made the experience almost delightful. Thanks for your help. By the way, I listen to your stress reduction tapes religiously and the sound of your voice now lulls me into wonderful relaxation.*”

--Kathy Cronin

★★★★★*”I used your hypnosis programs to stop smoking 3 weeks ago and today (3 weeks and 2 days later), I am still a NONSMOKER. I feel great and I don't miss it. I wish I knew 20 years ago that I could've stopped smoking like this BUT I am very grateful to have done it now. I am a success!*”

---Michele Cobham

★★★★★*”I have worked in a Customer Service focused large Corporation for 39 years. I find that *”Good Customer Service*” is getting harder and harder to come by in most all types of business. It was refreshing to receive the excellent service I got from you! I really appreciate your excellent customer service. It is absolutely the best I have seen in quite some time!*”

---Carmen Allcorn

★★★★★*”*”I am a believer! I have already dropped a jean size. The best benefit is that I'm actually sleeping like a kid again. I had gone to a session with a professional hypnotist prior to purchasing your program. I loved it but the session was too expensive for me. I kept thinking if only I could hear it over again. My blood pressure is now back to normal and I feel good again. My husband teases me that I prefer to sleep with Dr. Ken. What a wonderful drug free solution to stress, insomnia and overeating. Your programs have been a godsend and I'll be back for others. Thank you!*”

-- Vikki Ryason

★★★★★*”My son Michael wished to improve his baseball skills including focusing on the pitcher, coach and base running. Since he's started your private sessions. In mid-July after more than a month of using the sessions, Michael attended the University of Alabama baseball camp for high school age boys. During the week long camp, Michael had one of the highest batting averages out of about 100 campers. His base stealing was among the best and he was probably in the top ten percentile during the speed test. Although, baseball for him is over this season, we feel he's made substantial progress. Michael returned to school to start his junior year almost two weeks ago. I've noticed him bring books home and immediately studying after dinner. I asked him a few days ago if he felt your Concentration and Memory sessions were aiding him in his studies and he was enthusiastic in his response. *”Without a doubt*”! He said he's more attentive towards his teachers and seems to immediately perk up whenever a teacher begins to teach. He has pages of notes from class...something I've never seen him have...and is motivated towards his classes. It's now football season and Michael is playing as usual. He didn't play a defensive position last year and is earmarked to be the starting defensive tackle. Obviously his speed and quickness is paying off. He's seems to be calmer than before and has matured this summer. Your Custom program is working and we can’t wait for baseball season to come back around. Thanks for your help in giving Michael the means to achieve his goals.*”

--- Larry E.

★★★★★*”After a nasty divorce I had had it with men and dating. For years after my divorce I used to think that all men were jerks. I would only go out with a guy once. Even though I deeply longed for another man in my life and a father for my daughter I sabotaged every relationship before it could even get started. You showed me how my thinking led to behaviors that turned off men so they wouldn't ask me out again. You taught me how to use my mind to attract a mate and I followed your suggestions to the letter. Within three weeks I met Andy. We seemed to be made for each other...almost like I had known him my entire life. And, yes, we went out more than once! In fact we've been happily married for 3 years now. He's a great guy and I can't thank you enough!*”

---Peggy McAfee-Leister

★★★★★*”Thanks so much for your prompt response to my question. It’s nice to know you are a real person and that I didn’t get scammed using the internet. I think the weight loss hypnosis programs are working. While at work my downfall was the 3-musketeer bar calling my name from the vending machine. I heard it calling me all day yesterday-yet I never went down to get it. The same thing happened today.*”

--Valerie Zapf

★★★★★*”Just to let you know after the first week with the weight loss program I lost 5.5 pounds. It is not just the weight loss, I feel really good. I like who I am again and have a real sense of well-being. It’s like the person I was has finally broke out from inside. I’m happy. My energy level has increased and I feel right with the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never thought I would be this way again.*”

--Gloria Donneral

★★★★★*”The biggest immediate changes I am now experiencing as I continue to use the *”Rich and Happy*” program are stress-free days, I’m more focused towards my goals, I also seem to be attracting more financial minded people in my life, and I can actually visualize the things that I desire like never before. For example, I know I will be closing on some real estate property in about 4 months! Not bad for a guy that has been sleeping on the floor with an air bead in New York and sharing an apartment! The program’s are powerful! Thanks, Dr. Ken.*”

--Michael S.

★★★★★*”I did take your stop smoking seminar and I am totally happy. I talked about your therapy to a lot of friends who wish to know when you will do another program in Colombia. Thanks.*”

--Gabriel Llinas

★★★★★★★★★★*”I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the stop smoking hypnosis programs’s. I have no desire for or depression over the loss of cigarettes. When I first tried out your program I was at first a bit disappointed that I didn’t quit right away. But as per your suggestion I kept listening. Then BINGO! One morning a few days later I woke up and my first thought was *”No More Cigarettes*”. Then I proceeded to amaze myself at how easy it was NOT to go out and buy a pack. The truly incredible thing was that on the second day I found an old pack in a drawer with 3 cigarettes in it. I threw the cigarettes away and cut off the parts of the pack that say things like *”Smoking Kills*” and put them in my jacket pocket. The next day I was out and had a passing thought about maybe buying a pack. I put my hand in my pocket and came out with the warnings I had cut off the pack the day before! Needless to say I’m thrilled to be a NON SMOKER and plan to continue to be one the rest of my life.*”

--Carmel Coppola

★★★★★*”Thank you so much for your weight loss hypnosis programs’s. I have tried many, many diets before and never had results like this before. I really can tell a difference in the way I react to food and I don’t just sit around thinking about food anymore. Also, I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in my energy level.*”

--Genia Case

★★★★★*”We have tried many different hypnosis and positive thinking programs over the years and finally fell like we found something that we like and that works! In fact we paid over $3,000 for another program that we subsequently gave away after finding and using Dr. Grossman’s hypnosis programs. We now use Dr. Grossman’s programs exclusively. We are using *”Reduce Stress*” (which is very relaxing) and our favorite *”Rich and Happy*” (which is EXCELLENT). Thanks!*”

--Bob & Cheryl Conway

★★★★★*”Your Stress Reduction Hypnosis program is helping me very much. I have lived with anxiety for the past five years and it has been a horrible curse that I am trying everything to get rid of. Your hypnosis programs are helping me re-train my body how to relax and grow stronger every day. Thank you so much. I feel truly blessed to be able to find something that is actually helping the natural way.*”

--Mindi Fibush

★★★★★*”I was amazed at how the time flew while I was hypnotized. I just got off the phone from the free Teleseminar and I feel great. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll be practicing the techniques you spoke of to keep motivated.*”

--Pam Tuson

★★★★★*”I participated in the TeleSeminar on Friday. I am impressed. First of all I can’t believe the hypnosis was 23 minutes long. I was so relaxed and I remember thinking you were counting for us to open our eyes, I was thinking *”It can’t be over yet. I want to stay right here*”. I think I found what you mean by being hypnotized. It’s not that someone can control you or your mind and suggest you run naked down the street and you do it because you have not control. This is my control of my mind; you just walked me through it. Thank you for introducing me to this.*”

--Maggie McKenna

★★★★★*”I am a now a non-smoker and I feel great! All the suggestions you gave me during our last session are working for me. I have no cravings or symptoms of withdrawal. Working with you has empowered me in more ways than one. I am amazed at how quickly stress is defused with just one deep breath. You have helped me even more than I had hoped. I can’t thank you enough.*”

--Nancy Clifford

★★★★★*”I listened to your tape on stop smoking. I had smoked all day and quit before dark. I had smoked for 43 years and quit just like that! I tried everything else to no avail. Thanks, Dr. Grossman!*”

--Gary Baker

★★★★★*”I would like to thank you for your excellent Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program. I have been using the program's for the last 32 days and have lost 24 pounds so far. I have been telling everyone I know about the program's. I emailed you a question and you answered back right away. Thank you for all your help.*”

---Todd Wishnev

★★★★★*”I want to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of care you provided me in our private telephone consultations. Not only do you have incredible hypnosis skills, but more importantly, you conveyed a deep sense of regard for me as a person. You always took the time necessary to insure the real problems were addressed. You have been a very important influence in my personal recovery. Thank you so very much!*”

---Jerry White Psy.D, LMFT La Mesa, CA

★★★★★*”I tried your Stop Smoking hypnosis programs and have not smoked since. Thank was Feb. 14th, it has been 8 months now. THANK YOU and God Bless for all the good you do for others.*”

--Denise Hostetler

★★★★★*”I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the Stress Reduction and Pain Management hypnosis programs's. They really help me and I know I have to stay very dedicated---which I will. I have breast cancer and was operated on 6 weeks ago and decided to try your hypnosis programs's. Thanks so much.*”

---Linda Bond

★★★★★*”I'm so happy that for once in my life I feel as if I am making headway not only in the choices of foods that I eat, but my thinking as well. For the first time in years, I now value myself as a person. I feel better and I am laughing more than I have before. All this, since receiving your Weight Loss and Stress Reduction hypnosis programs's! Something major has shifted in my thought process and I have you and the Lord to thank for it. Thank you for being a light in the middle of the night to people like me who are seeking that help. God Bless you.*”

-- Jeanmarie Trice

★★★★★*”I listened to your Hypnosis for Smoking hypnosis programs. I had smoked for 43 years and quit just like that. I tried everything else to no avail. Thanks Dr. Grossman!*”

--Gary Baker

★★★★★*”I lost 18 pounds the first week alone! I have no desire for sugar or chocolate anymore and they were the worst. I have more energy and feel like the stress has just disappeared from my life. Thank you.*”

--Peggy Moracowa

★★★★★*”I am a non-smoker thanks to private sessions with you and I feel great! All the suggestions you gave me during our last session are working for me. I have no cravings or symptoms of withdrawal. Working with you has empowered me in more ways than one. I am amazed at how quickly stress is defused with just one deep breath. You have helped me even more that I had hoped. I can't thank you enough.*”

--Nancy Clifford

★★★★★*”My words are true and I would hope others will trust you just as I have. I have ordered various things from others in the past and have NEVER had it

be even remotely close to being this easy/smooth nor the quick response from Customer Service. Thanks again!*”

--MaryJo Yzermans

★★★★★*”I am looking forward to joining you in self-improvement and sustaining a great life for the next seventy years. I've been around this world for quite a few years during which I have never discovered a professional as knowledgeable and capable in their profession as you. Coupled with that, you give the distinct feeling of one being able to trust your integrity and genuine concern for your clients. I am honored to be able to contribute my comments to your website.*”

--Dave Dougan

★★★★★*” I love the feeling of control that now comes from some inward source of strength that was not there before. Your weight loss program really fills the bill for me because what I needed was a way to remind myself of my goal. Thank you.*”

-- Dorthea Barber

★★★★★*”I've never felt more relaxed than I have this last week while being *”on a diet*”, although I am not on any particular one. My cravings for sweets have dissipated and that is truly remarkable. Many thanks for your Hypnosis for Weight Loss hypnosis programs.*”

-- Mary Alspaugh

★★★★★*”Greetings from the sunny isle of Cyprus!! We have tried all of your program's and we are very, very pleased with the improvements in our lives! Thank you!*”

-- Helena and Achilleas Achilleos

★★★★★*”I will tell you a funny story. The other day I tried to your Weight Loss hypnosis programs before going to sleep and my husband came into the room. I told him I can't miss this and to put the cover over his ears. He's a terrible eater. He eats lots of red meat, processed food and junk. He's also recovering from colon cancer and on chemo. He came home from golf the next morning and his first words were, *”I didn't have any red meat!*” I laughed and told him that it must be my hypnosis tape that got into his subconscious. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get my bologna loving husband to eat sensibly too?*”

-- Marilyn Murray

★★★★★*”I just ordered the Exercise Motivation program. I hope it works as well as the Hypnosis for Weight Loss. So far I've have lost 16 1/2 lbs in 6 weeks. Hurrah for my side! Thank you again.*”

-- Carole Majerus

★★★★★*”It's time to write you and tell you how your weight loss series improved my life. Last year I went on medication for depression and anxiety. I had what my mother would have called a *”nervous breakdown*”. I put on about 30 pounds, and went from a size 6 to a size 12 in about six months. I started listening to stress-reduction tapes given to me by my therapist. I was able to get off the medication in about 12 months. But the weight WOULDN'T COME OFF!!! I purchased your weight loss series about 12 weeks ago. With very little *”willpower*” I've stayed on a 1200 calorie diet and lost all of the excess weight. I'm a size 6 again, 36-27-36. I feel wonderful, and I have no desire to overeat or to eat foods that will put the weight back on. Thank you. I'm so glad I found you.*”

-- Susan Shepard

★★★★★*”Boy am I impressed. You called me...you actually called me. Never in my life have I ordered anything (and believe me I catalog shop more than the average person) and had someone from the company's Customer Support call me personally...that alone was worth the price of the hypnosis programs!!! Give Maryellen a raise!!! She has got to be your right arm. What a gem, and so sincere. Even if I weren't committed to this program her encouraging words would keep me on track!!*”

-- Lynnette

★★★★★*”I just finished listening to tonight's teleseminar. If anyone had any doubts about the ability to be hypnotized over the phone, you certainly have proved to me that is not only possible but very effective. I have had some hypnosis programs's already from you, and have ordered a few more. It may be from hypnotic suggestion, because I remember you saying something about being a friend, or maybe because I am used to listening to your voice, but I really do feel as if I have spoken to a true friend on the phone this evening. It was interesting hearing about your interests and the fun things that you like to do at work and in your leisure. I have been interested in hypnosis for some time now and

appreciate your web site, the great hypnosis programs's, and now the teleseminar. Thanks!*”

--Pam Lenhoff

★★★★★*”Just wanted to email you and let you know how things are going. I've been using the self-hypnosis that you taught me a lot. I usually do it once in the morning before I leave the house, then once in the middle of the day on my lunch break and for a few minutes before I go to sleep, and I am noticing more and more each day the changes it's bringing about in the way I feel, act, and think. Your program of private sessions has helped me TREMENDOUSLY and I cannot express how much I am thankful for finding your site and for you helping me change my life. I would suggest this program to anyone who wants to be proactive in making positive changes in their life, not only socially but also professionally. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all you've done for me.*”

--Don Kilgus

★★★★★*”I want to thank you for helping me to eliminate the single most powerful problem I have ever had, smoking with your personal stop smoking program! I truly view myself now as a non-smoker and it has changed my life in a short time dramatically. I am now a true believer in your abilities and in your approach. I am hopeful one day I can repay you for the gift you have given me! I am not rich in money, but I am rich in my professional abilities, diverse personal talents and friendships. You need only ask once if I can ever be of service.*”

--Matt Eguren, Downers Grove, Il

★★★★★*”I have been playing golf for 2 1/2 years now and have quickly improved to a 5.9 handicap. I have always believed that I have the talent to be very good at this game. Only one thing has stopped me from really reaching my full potential and that's been my pessimistic attitude. Sometimes I would get so mad on the course that I'd start cursing and throwing clubs. Obviously that's not the thing to be doing and it's been hurting my golf game and I knew it. That was, until I purchased your Hypnosis for Golf Hypnosis Program just over a week ago. Thank you Dr. Grossman for your game altering hypnosis programs! They literally have changed my outlook about golf overnight. I just started a major swing change and it usually takes quite a while to adjust to it. The first day I tried your program I went out so calm and serene that I still shot a 81. Nevertheless I put your suggestions into practice and *”let go*” of my bad shots and accepted the outcome! I know for a fact that breaking par is not far off and my handicap is sure to drop as well. Thank you so much for helping me to get *”into the zone*” on the course.*”

--Damon Morales, Ventura, CA

★★★★★*”Dr. Grossman's Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program helped both me and my husband to quit smoking. I has smoked for 25 years and my husband smoked for about 35 years. Neither of us has smoked since then and we've told many people about the success we had. I myself did not believe it would work, so thanks again!*”

--Esther Giddings, Champaign, IL

★★★★★*”Thank you for the wonderful teleseminar tonight. It was just the pep talk I had needed. I appreciated being able to hear your insights into the mind/weight connection.*”

--Mary Alspaugh

★★★★★*”I want to tell you that I already miss our private weekly sessions, but I definitely see the positive results from my sessions to work on my attitude and overall way I choose to interact with my co-workers, clients and others. Each day on my morning drive into work, I say my affirmations and make a point of being kind, understanding, and patient, likeable, friendly and approachable with everyone I meet and exhibit outstanding people skills all day long. This is really amazing because I was once told I had 'no people skills*” by a co-worker. Thanks so much Dr. Grossman for the positive change you helped me achieve and I look forward to continued improvements in my life.*”

--Sharon Hardy

★★★★★*”Every February since 1993 I celebrate my Stop Smoking success. I have a special place in my heart for Dr. Grossman. Two weeks after quitting I found out I was pregnant. I am so grateful for Dr. Grossman. My son is now 11 years old and we have added two more children to our collection. They never knew a smoking mom. Thanks!*”

-- LaDonna Hale, Marietta, GA

★★★★★*”My congratulations on your excellent website. My guess is that it reflects your commitment to professionalism. By the way, everybody in the family are instant Dr. Ken fans. My wife loves your Memory and Concentration tapes. My daughter is looking forward to her next French quiz. My son was home sick yesterday, after trying your concentration hypnosis programs I found him voluntarily doing his Latin. My son has set some ambitious goals for improving his grades this semester and wants you to do a Custom hypnosis programs for him. *”

--Bruce LaFleur

★★★★★*”The Teleseminar was terrific! I was stunned to learn the hypnosis was 20 minutes! What a great experience!*”

--Buz Zarmon

★★★★★*”Thanks Dr. Ken for writing me personally. It is very exciting that I get to communicate with you directly! That makes me feel important as a customer instead of being just another credit card number.*”

--Lynn Diddens

★★★★★*”I appreciate the wonderful customer support and your personal email to let me know what was going on.*”

--Rebecca Johnson

★★★★★*”Thank you for the wonderful Teleseminar tonight. It was just the pep talk I had needed. I appreciated being able to hear your insights into the mind/weight connection.*”

--- Mary North Port, FL

★★★★★*”Thank you so much for your Teleseminar. It truly opened my eyes and with the gained knowledge I'm sure I will be propelled to great heights. I truly enjoy your art and skills and look forward to future Teleseminars as well as your Ebooks, Wow!*”

--- Ron Owens

★★★★★*”I am Dr. Ken's staunchest supporter. His program's are the absolute best I've ever come across. I was able to talk to him during last night's Teleseminar and thank him so much for changing my life for the better. I am now down 27.5 pounds thanks to your Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program. My daughter has lost 10 pounds and over 6.5 inches on her tummy. She is only 9! She'll be 10 in November. I have lost 5 inches on my stomach and 4.5 inches off each thigh. It is so amazing and exciting. I know that people I work with are sick of my bragging up Dr. Ken, but I just can't help it. HeeHee. Thank you for all your wonderful and personal attention as well. It means so much to have real caring people handle the orders. The Teleseminar was excellent. I know everyone from all over the country...and Canada and Venezuela as well...enjoyed it as much as I did. I can't wait for the next one.*”

--Becky and Caitlin from North Carolina

★★★★★*”I took the teleseminar tonight and I want to thank you for the session. I came out of it much happier and with more energy than I've had in a long time. It was tremendous! In fact, I told my mom (who is 80 yrs old and legally blind) about it and she is going to be with you at the next Teleseminar. She is really excited!*”

---Shawn Davis

★★★★★*”From the first time I heard of you and your Hypnosis Programs I wanted to purchase your products because you have a genuine heart that shines brighter than all the others I considered. My intuition proved true because since I purchased you have proven to be a very caring person. I was reading an article about hypnosis and wanted to share the quote within the journal I read: *”Medicine is not merely a science, but an art. The character of the physician may act more powerfully upon the patient than the drugs employed. -Paracelsus*”. I believe this notion holds even truer in the case of hypnotists.*”

--Hope Kiefner

★★★★★*”Thank you so very much for your prompt and courteous attention! I'm already very excited that I've probably found the right hypnosis Weight Loss hypnosis programs's for me. I've tried 5 others and they all seem to know something about hypnosis but nothing about dieting...so they give TERRIBLE suggestions. (I don't want that nonsense being programmed in my head!). I like what I heard. So far, so good. Thanks again.*”

--Kelly Fujikawa

★★★★★*”I recently found your website by doing a Google search to see if I could find you. You helped me become a non-smoker in 1992. I don't remember a great deal about it, but I mostly remember you saying that *”a cigarette is like a rattle snake...you wouldn't reach out to pick up a rattle snake, and you shouldn't reach out to pick up a cigarette..*” I literally have not touched a cigarette since that night. I live in Boston now, and there are very few rattle snakes here. But the lesson still holds. I have not and I will not ever touch a cigarette for any reason, under any circumstance. Thanks for helping me change my life, after I (stupidly) smoked for 33 years. I know you have lots of testimonials. Please feel free to add mine to your file.*”

-- Hank Steinman

★★★★★*”Words cannot begin to describe how I feel dealing with your company's Customer Service department. It is amazing how wonderful you were in assisting me after my house fire. Thank you.*”

--Trish Jennings

★★★★★*”Your Customer Service has been so kind and I sincerely appreciate your assistance on my order. You are very special people. I don't know when I've been treated more courteously over a mistake I made.*”

--Carol Carter

★★★★★*”I'm really excited about this stop smoking series because for the first time ever my mind has the tools to not CRAVE a smoke. I quit the first day. Now I can even hang out with my friends who smoke and not stress at all.*”

-- Jennifer Sena

★★★★★*”Thank you so much for your excellent and very prompt service!*”

-- Albert Frazer

★★★★★*”I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how excited my daughter and I are. I tell people I work with how wonderful Dr. Ken is... and how well we are doing on his program. I feel so free now.... not thinking about food constantly- and wanting to exercise more. My daughter and I are living proof that this Hypnosis for Weight Loss program works....you only have to give it a try. Just in the first week I have lost 6 lbs. and over 8 inches - and my daughter, who is only 9-- lost 3 lbs and 3 inches just on her tummy. We are so thrilled. When I can, I will definitely purchase several more of his wonderful programs. They are so inspiring.*”

-- Becky and Cate from North Carolina

★★★★★*”Wow! What a wonderful hour! You communicate a sincere interest in making the world a happier place. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your Teleseminar.*”

-- Marsha Brook, San Diego

★★★★★*”I've been on your Hypnosis for Weight Loss plan for 5 weeks now. I've never before been this motivated and able to turn down the foods that others are eating. I haven't eaten any sweets or bread in the last 5 weeks since I started. Thank you.*”

-- Becky Stines

★★★★★*”Something about Dr. Ken's voice puts me into a deep level of hypnosis and I become really in touch with myself. I love my Hypnosis for Stress Reduction hypnosis programs.*”

-- Sandy Fernandes

★★★★★*”I love the support you are giving me! Thank you!!*”

-- Ginette Bariteau

★★★★★*”Thank you for your prompt shipment of my order and your follow up emails. The recipes are excellent. I find your Weight Loss program very effective and this is a great start.*”

-- Steven Beranson

★★★★★*”I started my weight loss program on June 28th at 225 pounds. It is now July 16th and I have lost 15 pounds. I'm thrilled with your wonderful program and I feel great!*”

-- Christine Shirk

★★★★★*”I'm down from 250 to 240 in less than 2 weeks. I go to bed with Dr. Ken every night. The big new change is that I now crave veggies. My husband thinks I'm pregnant again (not possible I had a tubal). I'm just eating things I never ate before. No more cravings from chips, cookies, etc. I now crave weird new vegetables. I bought my first zucchini this weekend. I even ate an avocado. Instead of spending my time down the chips and snack aisle, I'm stuck in the produce section and never want to leave! I am even asking strangers questions. What is this? Can it go in a salad? How do you know if it's fresh*”? Can you eat the skin? People must think I am completely off my nut! I love it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.*”

-- Diana Knudsen, Crestwood, Il

★★★★★*”Thank you for the kind and caring note you sent me. I've never had such great treatment from Customer Support after ordering something! I'm excited about getting my program's and I'm planning on enjoying the journey.*”

-- Cathy Launchbauch

★★★★★*”I've wanted to stop smoking for several years and have tried to quit many times. I smoked for 18 years. Then I found your website and I thought, *”What the heck, it has a money back guarantee.*” I have to tell you it is the best thing I've ever done. Thanks for making it so easy for me to quit!*”

-- Erin Scroggins

★★★★★*”Thank you for your weight loss program. I LOVE them! I only have 3 more pounds to lose and I will be where I need to be. I am so motivated and feel good. I loved where you put me in a boat and I changed into who I want to be. That was neat. The imagery is so powerful and I really like your voice. You have me on track now and I am so excited and feel so good about myself. I will weigh in at Weight Watchers next week and if I am at my goal weight, which I plan to be, I will not have to pay. God bless you for what you do.*”

-- Carolyn Nichols

★★★★★*”Thank you so much for your attention and follow-up on my order. Your service, help and pleasant attitude made ordering a truly enjoyable experience.*”

-- Carole Dawe

★★★★★*”I started with the weight loss program's just over a week ago and have already lost SIX POUNDS of the 50 lbs I would like to lose. I am exercising EVERY DAY!! But best of all I don't sabotage my exercise by making bad food choices. I am making great food choices and using your program's along with Weight Watchers. With Dr. Grossman's help I am now able to easily follow my Weight Watchers Plan. This is great! Thanks.*”

-- RaeLynn Carr

★★★★★*”Thank you! I am a nonsmoker! I have NO cravings! I went to a wedding last week and was surrounded by smokers puffing away. Then last evening I was with my family with lots of smoking going on all around me and both times I had ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE OR CRAVING TO SMOKE ALL NIGHT! Other times I've 'quit' smoking, this is when I would have caved in and had a few cigarettes or I would have bought a pack and started back up. Becoming a non-smoker is so much easier than quitting ever was! Thanks and God Bless you and your work!*”

-- Deb Thomalla

★★★★★*”I have been using a Custom Hypnosis program I ordered from you for six weeks. I had noticed right away how honest you are and I was impressed by how much work you put into the project. The script was much better than what I had written myself. After four weeks I noticed that during the session, there was a marked reduction of negative thoughts as they were visualized. From that point on my level of anti-anxiety drug dropped quickly until, two weeks later, I am now off meds entirely. I now feel like a calmer, stronger person. I have exposed myself to situations that would have triggered anxiety and felt perfectly secure. Thank you very very much; your hypnosis has changed my life.*”

-- Darren Uscianowski

★★★★★*”Thank you, your Weight Loss program's are working! I have been listening and on your program for 4 days and I have lost 4 pounds! My weight concerns started 8 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We also have a daughter, who was 5 years old when he was diagnosed. I have been unable to concentrate on my own needs since I have been so stressed out over the needs of my family. Your program's have also helped me to stop taking sleeping pills my doctor prescribed because I had difficulty sleeping. I am so amazed that hypnosis programs can have such a positive result.*”

-- Shelia Shumake

★★★★★*”I haven't even gotten the weight loss program yet and you have emailed me with so many helpful ideas and suggestions. AND, you are NOT trying to sell me things, like whey protein shakes or soup mixes, etc!!!! THANK YOU. If there is anything that discourages me, it is to order something and then be deluged with more products to purchase. Somehow, I feel that you truly care about the people who have ordered your programs.*”

-- Mary Catherine West

★★★★★*”I am communicating with you again after some time. We have received your *”Weight Loss*” and *”Rich and Happy*” programs and we are very, very pleased with them. Now we would like to order three more programs. Best regards for sunny Cyprus.*”

-- Helena and Achilleas Achilleos

★★★★★*”I have been using your weight loss program for one month now and so far I have lost 15 lbs. I feel good and I’m working out every day. I am also using your optional eating plan. I also have my wife Dawn, on the program and she has lost 10 lbs. It’s a great program! Thanks a lot.*”

-- Andre McAllister

★★★★★I've had the weight loss programs for 10 days and the difference in my life is already amazing! This is the solution I've been searching for! Thank you!*”

-- Arlene Lickiss

★★★★★*”I just received my Custom Hypnosis program and it's great. The visualizations are excellent and the suggestions are expertly phrased. My program has suggestions that accomplish everything I wanted the program to do. I've been using your program for stress reduction for two months, and it's amazing how much more I can tolerate stress. Things just don't get to me anymore. I've been steadily reducing my anxiety and with your hypnosis it's only a matter of time until I'm a new man, calmer and more optimistic and more confident.*”

-- Darren Uscianowski

★★★★★*”My name is Melanie Herbert and a few days ago I received your hypnosis session. I had a baby four months ago and have not been able to get out of an unhealthy eating pattern. Oh, I ate plenty of healthy foods; however, I consumed far greater amounts of white sugar and white flour, high fat foods. I really want to lose the pregnancy weight and get my strong, healthy body back. I am uncomfortable and unhappy with my current body. Thank you for helping me get started on my journey. I just couldn't get started on my own. I am amazed at how quickly and easily your sessions have started to work. It was exactly what I needed. I look forward to writing you a glowing endorsement once I reach my goal, but in the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me get over a huge block and getting me on the right path so effortlessly. My emotional and physical desire for food has dissipated.*”

-- Melanie Camamis Herbert

★★★★★*”I just wanted to say *”Thank you!*” After over 30 years of smoking, I am a non-smoker, thanks to you. I am telling all my friends about you, even the ones who do not smoke. I have just come back to try another program from you, *”Be Rich & Happy*” Thank you so much for helping me, I honestly tried every single thing to try and quit smoking, using your program made it effortless, I wish I would have found you long ago. God Bless.*”

-- Judy Mast

★★★★★*”I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me my life back. After my car accident I was put on many very strong pain medications to cope with the pain. After many years of taking them I was addicted and they were ruining my life. But, thanks to you I am now able to live my life FREE from painkillers. And somehow through our hypnosis sessions I don't feel the pain anymore. You are a great man and I thank you.*”

-- Dean Schiller

★★★★★*”Your eBook is fantastic. I just started reading it a few days ago and the effects are quite positive and very encouraging. Thank you very much.*”

-- Eduardo Llosa

★★★★★*”I weighed myself Saturday and I have lost 10lbs. What is even more amazing IS the change in my attitude and behavior. I am making healthier food choices. The people where I work out are in shock because they have seen me so much lately. My kids are amazed how much water I am drinking instead of pop. It feels like the old me was abducted by aliens, and the new me left here. This feels great!*”

-- Linda Seagle

★★★★★*”Thank you very much for the sessions. I was very skeptical at first, but as I had nothing to lose, decided I might as well try this. I've been yoyo-ing with my weight the last 5 years. Although I exercise regularly, in the last 8 months, I didn’t lose a single pound only because after my workout, I would return home and eat my way into frenzy! These last few days have been great. I simply do not eat every half hour or so as was my earlier habit. I cook regular meals for my family with rice and bread but I have had no inclination whatsoever to partake in it. I just cook a different meal for myself. Earlier that would not have been possible. My eating habits have changed. The fact that my eating habits have changed drastically is by itself a huge testament to your weight loss plan. I just DO NOT obsess over food. Many thanks once again*”

-- Jennifer DeVotta

★★★★★*”I started your weight loss program on Jan 1 and I've listened to 1-2-3-4 and today is the 5th...so I'm starting over. Already I can tell that I'm making better choices, I've exercised everyday (which I've never done) and I'm not hungry. I only have 25 lbs to my goal weight and it will be fun to look my best again. You were in Raleigh many years ago... might be 15 or more and I am still a non-smoker! Thanks to you!!! When I decided to lose weight I knew that you would be the place to start. Thanks for all you do.*”

-- Jo Smith

★★★★★*”I attended one of your group stop smoking sessions about 10 yrs ago here in Michigan. I came as a favor to a good friend of mine who did not want to go alone. I had been smoking for 15 yrs before attending your session. I always knew that I should not be smoking but never had the will power to do it on my own. I have never smoked again from the time I left that Stop Smoking group session. Thank you again!*”

-- Tim McClure

★★★★★*”Ken, I have been listening to your Hypnosis for Stress Management program for three weeks and it is changing my life. I will soon be off the drugs I am taking for anxiety. The frustrations of the day no longer bother me as they used to. Every day I feel calmer and less anxious. Thank you very much.*”

-- Darren Uscianowski

★★★★★*”I used to smoke heavily but after attending your hypnosis programs, I just stopped smoking. I felt like it’s no big deal anymore. I used to think of smoking all the time, and now I think of what ACTIVITY can I do next...something fun and enjoyable, or maybe just organize something or maybe ENJOY relaxing. It was finally out of my head!! I can really say that your hyposis’s worked for me. It is so nice to feel free and not have something controlling me. I just have no more desire to smoke and I am so glad.*”

-- Robin Holmes *”Smoke Free Forever*”

★★★★★*”Did you know that you are one of my very best friends? I started your weight loss program’s in June. Since then I have lost 48 pounds and I went from a size 22 to a size 12. I know a lot of it has to do with my mental determination to succeed that I get from listening. I listen to you every single night and they relax me beyond belief. I feel like I really know you!!*”

-- Allison Roper

New post by Allison Roper : I just wanted you to know that I am constructing a website about my weight loss experiences and I have included links and information about your hypnosis programs.

★★★★★*”Today marks the end of our private telephone sessions, and I no longer have a fear of small spaces and heights. This fear used to limit my activities (skiing, flying, elevators, etc,) and leave me with a terrible feeling of swallowing my tongue and my throat tightening up. I have now confronted my fears with your help, and put an end to the anxieties I once felt. In addition, to relieving these fears, you have also succeeded in dramatically lowering my stress levels and increasing my motivation. Best of all you have given me the ability to keep this positive feeling forever through self-hypnosis. You are a truly gifted therapist and I really appreciate all of your help. With the tools and techniques you have taught me, I now look forward to a stress free, productive life style where I can confront and conquer anything that comes my way. Thank you for everything, I look forward to trying your other sessions soon. (Especially the weight loss and golf!)*”

-- Larry L. Lantis, San Jose, CA

★★★★★*”Thank you again and again for helping me stop smoking 10 years ago. I prayed to God for help and you showed up. I will never stop recommending you to everyone. I am so grateful. I wish you blessings for you and your loved ones and may the Lord grant you all the good things He has in His heart for you this 2004. Sincerely,*”

-- Carol Laughlin

★★★★★*”Remember me? I tried your Stop Smoking session in April and still I am not smoking! I have had many stressful things happen in the last 5 months, like my unemployment running out, attempting to start a business, and having our house up for sale. All of those stress factors combined couldn't have compared to the big jolt from my husband's diagnosis of lymphoma. It totally amazes me to think that through all of that I was able to stand strong and not smoke, even after all the years that I smoked. Your program is totally incredible! I really want to thank you. I feel so much healthier and I want to tell other people about you.*”

-- Christina White

★★★★★*”13 Pounds In 13 Days!! I can't thank you enough. This is the first time I actually felt full in over 20 years. I'm just following your simple instructions and I'm losing a pound a day! Now I have hope that I am going to beat my life-long battle with my weight.*”

-- Janice Greenberg Long Island, NY

★★★★★*”I am very pleased with the results of your Weight Loss Program! With your help, and the help of a near-by YMCA, I have been slimming down. I was starting to buy size 42*” pants, now, my 40's are fitting very loose, so I will try on my old 38's. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*”

-- Jordan Ely

★★★★★*”Just had to let you know that I am doing absolutely wonderful. I do not even have a desire for a cigarette. I play golf with smokers, have friends at my house and let them smoke in my house, go out to dinner with smokers and I don't even realize until the next day that they were smoking. I have not gained any weight, felt depressed, angry or whatever. All the other times I tried giving cigarettes up I gained weight and worst of all I was very depressed. Our daughter is an Internist in Boston and she said Closet Smokers (or Closet eaters) are the worst--they are always wondering when can they have their next cigarette. I could never smoke in front of our daughter in Virginia--so I was always waiting for her and her family to go home--now I love having them come and can’t believe how I don't even think of buying or smoking someone else's cigarettes. Thanks from another Proud Non-Smoker!*”

-- Carol Quibell

★★★★★*”Wow, I'm Impressed!! 54 Pounds!! I just wanted to tell you how much your hypnosis programs helped me to lose 54 pounds in 12 weeks!!! I also started taking the Medifast about a month ago. The hypnosis programs helped me stick with it and melted the pounds off me, keeping me full and feeling GREAT!!! I have about 108 more pounds to go and I'm sure with the help from your hypnosis programs I'll accomplish my goals. Thank you again!!*”

-- Sue Graff

★★★★★*”I'm starting my third week with the Weight Loss Program and I have to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! First and foremost I am regaining my self-respect. Having the *”me*” I know and love, back again, feels really good. I feel everything shifting and I don't think it's just gravity. LOL My energy is up and I feel great. I have a pair of jeans on that I have not been able to fasten in a year...and I can breathe!! I haven't been depressed or cried, for no apparent reason, since I started this new way of life. Now that may not mean much to you, but believe me, it's big! I start each morning with you and it helps to make a wonderful day. I'm continuing my exercise classes four times a week and am riding my bike as long as weather permits. I've even dusted the cobwebs off my stationery bike and give it a spin. Everything in life has a reason. Gaining all this weight has taught me that I definitely don't like it. I plan to keep in touch and continue to post you of my progress. I would be honored if you posted this on your website. I am ever so grateful.*”

-- Margaret Hadarich

★★★★★*”Hypnosis for Golf and Putting has improved my game a lot. I'm only twelve and I just started to compete against older girls up to 18 years old. I don't get intimidated by the old girls and I can keep my focus the same or even better. Another thing I have improved a lot is the play-off situations. I didn't lose at all ever since I tried your hypnosis programs. Winning Junior World was the biggest improvement. Thank you again.*”

-- Jane Rah - Age 12 Junior National Champion - Featured in Golf Digest

★★★★★*”Since our session on smoking, my stress level has declined considerably. I no longer have to make up places I need to go in order to have a smoke, nor do I feel the pressure from others when I used to light up and feel that I had to stay out of their range. My husband is happy, my friends are supportive, my son is relieved, my doctors are poorer, my sister is amazed, and I am proud to be a non-smoker [with my head on straight]. Thank you for all your help. I will never forget you, and will continue to sing your praises.*”

-- Debi Dow

★★★★★*”I'm happy with the programs I told you about for my daughter in college. I've dropped at least 12 strokes off my handicap since I started with your Hypnosis for Golf program’s. I find I do not have to think of mechanics of the swing as before. My confidence level has soared. Thanks so much!*”

-- Jerry Broussard

★★★★★*”My husband and I went to a seminar of yours in Chicago twelve years ago. We have not had a cigarette since that night. It is wonderful to have that nasty habit gone. There was no withdrawal or cravings at all the 'gotta have one' times. Up until then our attempts at quitting had always failed. We both had been smokers since our teens. I simply cannot tell you how grateful we are to you. We also purchased your entire series of tapes. A few years ago having reached 50 years of life I decided to get my GED. Your concentration and positive attitude tapes were absolutely indispensable. I looked for you on the web and was delighted to find you there today. I have always wanted to thank you and tell you what a difference you have made in our lives. Please know how very happy and proud we are to be Non-Smokers now and forever!*”

-- Margaret and Ron Hadarich Sept 2003

★★★★★*”If your golf program's are as good as your weight loss program's my golfing buddies are sure in for a big surprise!*”

-- Charles Rink

★★★★★*”I love the program's on Stress Management. They are helping me so much! I feel like a new person. My Dad died last December and I have felt so much stress because of my grief and because of all I must do to settle the estate. I also have a lot of pain from arthritis. The program's help to relieve the pain and I now feel I can concentrate on doing what I have to do. You have a beautiful voice that is so easy to listen to. Thank you so much for your help.*”

-- Carolyn Nichols

★★★★★*”I tried the Stop Smoking hypnosis programs a few months ago. After listening to them a few times, I successfully stopped! And my work puts me into smoky bars where there would be plenty of opportunity to light up. Here's the best part---There are NO cravings. I'll occasionally have a passing thought, then the smell of a cigarette wafts my way and the thought turns into repulsion. And if there's ever a time when the repulsion fades. To anyone out there thinking about this---As long as you listen with an open mind, you WILL be able to stop being a slave to tobacco without pain, irritability or any other negative side effects. I may be sounding like a spokesperson. But the truth is that this solution worked for me and I was able to avoid putting prescription drugs and other chemicals into my body as a replacement. I stopped. Cold turkey. No patches, no meds, no supplements. No weight gain, no irritability, no cravings, and my friends and family didn't disown me. This is all you need. I'm waiting for people to ask me how I did it! I have had people tell me how impressed and surprised they are with my success. It's a great feeling. Thanks for the help! It's some of the best money I've ever spent!!!*”

–- Seann Jackson

★★★★★*”I think I love you! I have quit smoking and have been a non-smoker for 12 days now. You know what the funny part of it all is? The day I quit I had no intention of quitting. I was just going to browse thru the website to see what was on it. I decided to give it a shot after hearing a few encouraging phrases; especially about stopping smoking will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. It hit me that there was no time like the present and I quit then and there and haven't smoked since. It is incredible that my 2 to 2-1/2 pack/day habit of over 30 years was that easy to kick. THANK YOU!!! Now I am going to give the weight loss program a try!

-- Christina White Grove City, Ohio

★★★★★*”I tell my friends *”it was like flipping a switch*”. I had quit smoking! I seemed to have very few, if any, withdrawal symptoms. SOMETHING very powerful was blocking out what I knew from past experience are very real physical withdrawal pains and symptoms. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. What a great idea, doing this on the Internet. $48 is nothing when compared to the benefits of quitting. I'm so glad I thought to seek you out. Thanks!*”

-- Bruce Jones Atlanta, Georgia

★★★★★*”I absolutely love the weight loss hypnosis programs I received last week. Your hypnosis is so soothing and powerful just as before when I quit smoking at one of your seminars.*”

-- Debra Perkins

★★★★★*”The Stress management program helped me a lot. After listening I feel all rested up, just like I feel when I wake up on Monday mornings after resting for the whole weekend. Thanks!*”

–- J. Duarte

★★★★★*”For the second time in the past 10 1/2 years your hypnosis programs have been successful for me. (First time at seminar in Chicago) Thank you so much. I truly am grateful to have found you again. Words can't even express how grateful I am to you and your programs. It's like a miracle and I will always be grateful to you!*”

–- Joyce Baratta

★★★★★*”I went to my doctor's yesterday and let him know about your smoking hypnosis hypnosis programs. He said he will be telling other patients of his that want to quit smoking about you.... so if you get a lot of referrals from the Grove City, Ohio area, you will know where they came from. Thanks again...still smoke free for over a month...not a slave to cigarettes anymore!!*”

-- Christina White

★★★★★*”Your golf program is excellent! So far I’ve listened to it 5 times and I’m really learning about relaxation and concentration. I’ve been able to improve my game from the mid to low 80's to the mid 70's, and I’ve cut 6 strokes off my handicap! Golf is definitively a mind game, and your approach has made me a better player. I recommend it to everyone who plays golf. Thank you.*”

-- Alex Rotundo

★★★★★*”I attended a one of your programs in Richmond, VA at the Marriott on Broad Street. It was a memorable experience and even though you may have some sessions you remember more than others, I am betting you will remember this particular one. I believe it was in August 1986 and this session was a rather large one with a standing room only and not much of that. At around 9:15 PM you asked us to go out in the hallway and smoke our last cigarette. Because of the large number of people at this session, when we came back in the room the smoke alarms were going off. We thought you were playing a joke on us and I think you thought the reverse. It turned out to be no joke and the hotel was evacuated, fire department came and made sure everything was clear before we could complete the session. Since that day, I have not ever had a desire to smoke again. I did have a nightmare one night almost 2 years later where I awoke in the middle of the night screaming *”NO*” over and over. I had dreamed that I had picked up a cigarette and lit it. I guess my subconscious was still taking care of me. I have been so successful with ridding myself of a horrible habit that I have told this story to almost everyone I have ever known and have recommended you to everyone. I really thank you for your help. The I money spent with you has been the best investment I have ever made.*”

-- David L. Jones

★★★★★*”I have your Hypnosis for Golf Program and I love it. You have a great product that I have told many of my friends about.*”

-- Bill DeChon

★★★★★*”I was always skeptical about being hypnotized but I had tried to lose weight with various programs many times over the last 17 years and nothing worked so I thought I would give it a try. I have been at my weight goal of 145 pounds for 3 months now thanks to you. I lost 68 pounds!! I am no longer addicted to food! I enjoy 3 healthy meals a day and have fresh fruit and fresh vegetables for snacks. I found an exercise I really enjoy, swimming, and can’t wait to get off work and go for my session in the pool 5 days a week. Thank you for helping me become a person worth loving. God bless.*”

-- Susan Burkett

★★★★★*”I have been using your hypnosis for pain management, and it has helped immensely. I have Fibromyalgia, and this disease causes widespread pain. I am grateful for an alternative to medication. It has helped me to get off of several different painkillers, helped me to learn to relax, and helped me to turn my pain level down. I have recommended this program to several people I know who have problems with pain. Without relaxation, all I can do when I am in pain is focus it, and myself. I am glad you were out there to help me. THANK YOU!!!*”

-- Cynthia Lang 10/24/02

★★★★★*”Your Weight Loss Program was incredible!!! I feel like a real health nut now. No smoking. I walk a mile every AM if weather permits-if not I put on my Richard Simmons tape (don't gag) at least its something. I feel good and am very proud of what I've done.*”

-- Janice Charrak

★★★★★*”I'm totally amazed, pleased, surprised and encouraged! Amazed that I am still a non-smoker. Pleased and surprised that you sent the *”good*” tape in exchange for my *”bad*” one. Encouraged to think there is hope that common courtesy, a person's word and integrity may once again *”count*” in this ole' world. Thank you for making my day. You're neat people!*”

-- Ruth Pritchard

★★★★★*”After listening only 6 times I shot the best round of golf in my life. I shot a 68 and had zero bogies. I can’t thank you enough for making my lifetime dream come true.*”

-- Eddie Hinds

★★★★★*”Since your program I actually exercise! I never could before. I do aerobics 5 days a week and I work out with weights. It feels great. My family is also quite happy.*”

-- Deborah John

★★★★★*”I finished your Stop Smoking Program last week and feel great! I can't thank you enough. It seemed I was doomed as no matter how hard I tried to quit, or how many times I thought I could overcome it, it always was getting the better of me. I also liked knowing I was buying the program from a actual PHD in clinical Hypnotherapy versus the guys that take the weekend courses. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish.*”

-- Steve Depraida Burlington, Ct

★★★★★*”I would like to say that the Weight Loss Program was excellent. I am amazed at the weight loss changes I have experienced. I am positive that I will be able to reach my weight goal.*”

-- Tammy Mackburn

★★★★★*”I just want to thank you for this wonderful program! My MD kept telling me I would feel better but I kept getting worse. I can't believe how much better I am and I can't thank you enough! God Bless You!*”

-- Evelyn Thurston

★★★★★*”It has been 8 years since I listened to your stop smoking program and it has been those same 8 years since I’ve had a cigarette. I really just wanted to contact you and thank you for the new quality of life I experience. When I quit I was smoking 3 packs of menthol 100’s a day. Every morning was hell. I really wanted to quit, but I didn’t want to be a jerk to friends and family while doing it. Your program worked and it worked in one shot!*” Once again, thank you!*”

-- Richard Flanagan

★★★★★*”Your program helped me to lose 35 pounds. You helped me to become fit and healthy and happy! Every day I wake up with positive thoughts in my mind-for example: I weigh 130 pounds; I only want to eat low fat foods, to eat fruits and vegetables, and exercise daily. These thoughts are strong in my mind. This has helped me become a beautiful, healthy and especially happy person. God bless you!!*”

-- Cristina Hutton

★★★★★*”I must admit I was a big skeptic when I first heard about this stop smoking program. However, many thanks to you. I have not smoked for the lst time in 17 years. I am feeling great about this.*”

-- Rick Calhoon

★★★★★*”I just started playing golf 6 months ago. I keep track of every shot. My best score was 130 till I got your program. I listened every night for a week and shot an 86!!! Now my scores are consistently in the high 80’s and low 90’s. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.*”

-- Jacob Miller

★★★★★*”Thank you for your Stress Management program. I listen to it at least 3 times a week. I am off ALL the drugs I was taking for anxiety. I love myself again.*”

-- Ron Wilk

★★★★★*”I would like to let you know that the program on not smoking has been of great help to me. When I feel the need to smoke I take the time to listen to the program and then I no longer want the cigarette. Thank you for making a program that works.*”

-- Joy Hanks

★★★★★*”I have, after 22 years, quit smoking...without the cravings, anxiety, tension, etc., commonly associated with quitting. Playing your audio program has also helped me get through the trauma of turning 40.*”

-- Patrice Lihosit

★★★★★*”My hypnosis programs has not only helped my hip pain so I can sleep thru the night, I have more energy since I am not always so tired. My son and daughter suggested that I try this and I'm glad they did."

-- Harriet Bonaski

★★★★★*”I’ve had a love-hate relationship with golf for 42 years till I found you. Now I love my game and play with no more frustration and accept every shot as a gift from threal *”tough customer*” as I had been smoking for 30 years (since a teenager in fact) and had tried various methods, products on the market, etc. and nothing had worked on me! I have completely stopped smoking and don't even have any desire for a cigarette!!! My family is also much happier that I now don't pollute the house and car with my smoking! Thanks again for your help - I am very, very pleased with your program and can really testify that it works.*”

-- Allan Pollack

★★★★★*”I can't thank you enough for this great change in my life. Since I could quit, it has had an influence on several others to quit with your program too.*”

-- Sandra Hammers

★★★★★*”Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wish there was a better way to put it, but I just can't find the words. I was amazed at how easy (and I stress easy) your program made it to become a non-smoker. It was as if I had never smoked. I was a one to two pack a day smoker for twenty-three years, but not anymore. The situations that I worried about being able to handle without a cigarette (like playing bingo or having a beer) were not a problem. People smoking around me didn't bother me. I didn't look longingly at someone else's cigarette. I just couldn't believe that giving up smoking could be as effortless as your program made it. I thank you, my husband thanks you, and my five year old son thanks you.*”

-- Kathleen Stiffler

★★★★★*”I don't often write letters but I must THANK YOU for saving, if not lengthening my wife's life.(Nancy) After listening to your program she began to drink lots of water as you suggested. She noticed after a while that her stomach seemed bloated so she was self-examining her stomach one evening and found two hard lumps in the lower area. (she's an RN). The rest of the story is the miracle. EARLY detection of ovarian cancer (stage 2) successful surgery and bearable chemotherapy. Thank you for urging her to drink lots of water. The Lord does work His miracles in mysterious ways.*”

-- Jake Steinberg

★★★★★*”I've used the Hypnosis For Golf program. The stress reduction benefits alone are worth a hundred times more than I paid for your course. Thanks for helping me to be myself again.*”

-- Dr. Henry Phillips

★★★★★*”I was skeptical about being hypnotized but I had tried to quit smoking several times over the last 5 years. I have been smoke free over 9 months now. I am a non-smoker thanks to you. I had smoked pipes, cigars and cigarettes for over 16 years. Thank you for helping me and my family. God bless.*”

-- Randal Roper

★★★★★*”Let me take the time to thank for you making it possible for me to quit smoking. It is going on three months for me. I could not believe it could happen but with your help it became a reality. We had a girl in our office that smoked 3 packs a day. This was her life. She used your program and now she is smoke free. We worship you! Everyone has borrowed my copy of your weight loss program. Thank you very much for being a part of our lives. If not for you we would not be on the road to success.*”

-- Jennifer Furbay

★★★★★*”Just a note to say thank you. After 36 years I am proud to say I am a non-smoker. I pay myself $5.00 a day (That was what I spent.) into a fund for things marked just for me. A type of reward, so far I have 42 $5. bills.*”

-- Tom Lopez

★★★★★*”I thought I would let you know what your program has done for me. I am free from cigarettes and have been for over 7 years now. I don't crave them at all. I was set free because I control me and not the other way around.*”

-- Peggy Grindstaff

★★★★★*”Richard, my husband, took your program in April 1993. He smoked for 30 years and was unable to quit on his own. I am very pleased to say that he has been a non-smoker since the day he listened. When I complimented him on his success one day, he surprised me by saying that it worked so well because: 1. He said he didn't really want to quit smoking, he only did it for me! 2. He didn't believe in hypnosis! Isn't that a good one! We are extremely grateful to you for providing this service and we pass the good word to everyone who is interested. I think one reason my husband was and is still so successful is that he did listen to the tape and was re-hypnotized all 21 days.*”

-- Judy Burris

★★★★★*”I wanted to share my exciting news! I quit smoking on Wednesday, November 14th! It has been 43 glorious days of control. I have smoked for at least 24 years and have never quit. I am real proud. I feel great and haven't cheated at all. I will never pick up a cigarette again. Thank you.*”

-- Carol Kurtzman

★★★★★*”Since your program I actually exercise! I never could before. I do aerobics 5 days a week and I work out with weights. It feels great. My family is also quite happy.*”

-- Deborah John

★★★★★*”With your encouragement, guidance from God, and my inner determination, I was able to lose over 75 pounds.*”

-- Jan Balogna

★★★★★*”I now participate in an aerobics class, go bicycling or walk on a daily basis. At the age of 43, I am becoming more fit than at any time in my life. Something I always envied and admired in others.*”

-- Sandra Miller

★★★★★*”I went to another hypnotist in Union City, TN. He was on national TV as *”the man*”. He was nothing and after 7 trips I quit going. He was nothing like you. You will be glad to know that out of the men I knew that went to you, all still do not smoke!*”

-- S. Howard

★★★★★*”I was surfing the net and thought that you might have a website and it is good to know that you are still doing good work. It has been about 10 years since I attended your seminar in Atlanta, GA. I was smoking about 2 packs a day and after attending your session, I have not smoked another one since. THANK YOU*”

-- B Edwards

★★★★★*”On May 8, 1989 in Tampa, FL my husband and I attended one of your seminars to stop smoking. As many are, we were skeptical. We both walked out non-smokers. To this day, my husband has not picked up another cigarette.*”

-- Paula Denton

★★★★★*”I attended one of your stop smoking seminars in Atlanta, Georgia 11 or 12 years ago. I was a 2 pack a day smoker and had failed dismally to stop smoking for years. The day that I attended your seminar was the last day I picked up a cigarette! I have told many people about my experience. I still have visions of the images you had us think about. Belated thanks for your help!*”

-- Chris Brandt

★★★★★*”I want to thank you for saving my life! At the insistence of my husband we attended one of your seminars. I had no intentions of quitting smoking at that time and planned on buying a pack of cigarettes immediately after your seminar; well that was 17 years ago and I *”still*” haven't bought that pack of cigarettes!! You are amazing! I didn't even believe in hypnosis, and it worked!! I was a 3 1/2 pack (Menthol) a day smoker. That night and your seminar were the single most important efforts in my life, toward lengthening my life! Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with emphysema, asthma, and C.O.P.D. I am on lifetime medications and have 20% lung loss. Had I not quit 17 years ago, I would most likely be dead today!!!! I believe *”you*” saved my life! Thank you again doctor, and may god bless!*”

-- Linda A. Edwards Brodhead, WI

★★★★★*”In December of 1990 I was smoking about a pack of Marlboros a day. I attended your presentation even though I was skeptical about your ability to help me quit but listened to you anyway. That was the best money I ever spent in my life. I have not smoked since 1990! Your program was fantastic as well as your upfront presentation to us. You made it clear that you could help us quit but that we had to want to quit. I can't thank you enough for my smoke free life!*”

-- Eliseo Gonzalez

★★★★★*”In two weeks I have lost 8 pounds, I am really eating healthy foods, and suddenly, I absolutely do not like or have any desire for sweets, which has been my problem most of my life. I am exercising, almost willingly, five days a week, (I take weekends off) and that has always been something that I never would do before. I can't say I am enjoying it, but I am at the point where I don't mind it, and almost look forward to it. (And I am a senior citizen, so this is definitely a life style change for me). So, whether I am actually hypnotized or not, it seems the suggestions that you give are definitely finding their way into my subconscious and it is working, thank you very much.*”

--Mickey Beneteau

*DISCLAIMER: These testimonials are individual experiences and results may vary person to person.

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