Child And Adolescent Therapy


Are you struggling with your child who is failng his classes?
Do you not know what to do about your adolescent's behavior?
Are you concerned that your child is sad and depressed and possibly suicidal?
Do you want to know sure-fire ways to avoid conflict and enjoy your teenager?
Are you concerned that your child is using alcohol or drugs?

Do you want Effective Child and Adolescent Therapy? The therapists at our center have more than twenty-one years experience working with adolescents and children and know how to use play, art, games and other modalities to get your child to process painful feelings such as grief, loss, trauma, abuse, bullying and negative experiences and to help them learn coping skills, stress management, and techniques for healthy living. We work with parents to help them talk so their children will listen and listen so their children will share their feelings with them. We work with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, OCD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, behavior problems, juvenile delinquency, and academic problems. We use the lastest evidence-based techniques to ensure a successful outcome.

In the Effective Child and Adolescent Therapy program various workbooks, fun home exercises, experiences, and other techniques are used to help your child or adolescent and yourself with communication, anger management, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues to have a happier, productive, and satisfying life.