How A Couple Can Survive An Affair

The #1 Way Your Marriage Can Survive After An Affair

This article originally appeared on on January 22, 2015

Despite popular belief, you CAN heal—together.

When it comes to relationships , there's a reason why one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is infidelity . There's nothing worse than being hit with betrayal, that loss of trust—especially when you never saw it coming. And we get it. Being able to devote yourself to your partner fully and love them unconditionally, only to have that bond thrown away so carelessly is just the worst. Honestly, how could anyone expect you to ever trust again after going through someone so traumatic?

But despite popular belief, an affair doesn't always have to mean that your marriage is over. In fact, according to YourTango's Founder/CEO Andrea Miller , Imago Institute's Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt , LPC Cindy Cartee , LMFT Christine Wilke and LCSW Cheryl Gerson , there are ways that your relationship can recover from an affair and possibly become even stronger because of it. After getting your heart broken, we definitely understand feeling unsure about whether or not you'll ever be able to trust your partner again. But once you hit the 3:45 mark, you'll see why it is possible for your situation to change. After listening to our experts' advice on how to save your marriage, there's no doubt that you guys will be able to heal—together.

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