"I am still not sure how it works but I know it does. The subconscious is a powerful force.  After only 2 sessions the debilitating emotion was severed from the memory of childhood abuse.  I still had all my memories but they just were not torturing me anymore.  I can now think back and say to myself “Yep, that happened now onto a better future.  Gloria is not only an expert at what she does, she is a lovely lovely person to spend time with.  I think that if I had met her in another venue we would have been great friends.  I recommend treatment with her with enthusiasm.  It has changed me for good."  A. Williams, Princeton.

"Most couples begin counseling because they are facing challenges with their children. They soon learn that it's not really the children who are causing the problems, it's the couple itself. Gloria has taught us to become a team and to put our relationship first. Let's face it, when the kids are gone you want to really love the person you're left living with."  Ed and Kat, Yardley

"Gloria is an easy person to open up to, which led to discussions on many levels. She has vast experience in many arenas which helped to guide and encourage me to change some important areas of my life. I would definitely recommend Gloria to any of my friends and family who need help in resolving any issue. She is the best."  Fred B, Mercer County, NJ

"I am pleased to tell you that my wife and I are still married.  She has finally turned the corner with her depression..... I am again living with the woman I married.  There are times when I feel like a kid in love for the first time."  A.M., Richboro

"Seriously, I want to say, thanks for all your input and guidance… It meant a great deal to me. Your thoughtfulness and courage in making everyone feel a part of something stronger and bigger than themselves proved to be worthwhile. This definitely gave me the foundation and the ground work that I need in order to move forward in a more positive light. All too often people find themselves stuck on this merry-go-round that they cannot get off and wish that someone would just show them how to jump or to stop the madness. When they jump is up to them but at least you gave them the tools and the know how to start or stop. So thank you.”
R.H., Los Angeles

"After numerous visits to physicians and specialists I was told there was nothing that could be done to help my tinnitus condition.  I spoke with Gloria Waite and she developed a program using her hypnosis skills that quieted the sound and brought my tinnitus to a level I could easily manage.  I would highly recommend anyone with this condition to contact Gloria Waite."  PF  from Newtown, Bucks County, PA

"I was never able to get to the bottom of my weight problem and no matter what diet I tried, I sabotaged it and gave up.  Hypnosis helped me to believe that I could lose the weight and keep it off....I have lost the pounds that I wanted to, I have so much more confidence and feel like a new person."   J.M., Yardley

"Gloria immediately put me completely at ease. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable and more importantly she took the time to get to know me and my thoughts and beliefs rather than attaching symptoms to a client and generating a diagnosis. Her ability to marry science and spirituality and share her own beliefs and experiences was incalculably valuable to me. I am now on a much brighter path and Gloria was a huge part of my transformation."  Ken- Newtown, PA  

"I wanted to tell you that I woke up this morning so happy for the first time in years.   I am so grateful and blessed to have you as a trusted therapist.  You have no idea how calm I am feeling. My day is full and I am feeling calm.  Every day for more years than I can think of I woke up with anxiety.  I woke up with a smile today."   Julie, Holland, PA.

"I started seeing Gloria for trouble I was having with obsessive, ruminating thought patterns, specific to matters that involved my husband's ex-wife and mother of his daughter. There had been a lot of drama and serious issues kept coming up and I would worry constantly (on his behalf) about them, to the point of it literally taking over my mind almost 24/7. I have always had this irrational belief that if I think and worry about something hard enough and long enough, I can somehow gain control over it. Obviously that's not true but my mind needed help breaking the habit. Gloria helped me tremendously with what I would consider a mentally debilitating negative habit. I'm proud to say I no longer have the habit and my life – personally and with my family – is much better and I am more at peace. Hypnosis changed my life! – H.H., Yardley, PA

M.C, Newtown, PA

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