General Information about the practice:  

      • In cases of separation, divorce, or court involvement, Kris requires written consent from BOTH biological parents before accepting minors as clients.    
      • If a parent's rights have been limited or terminated, Kris must verify this by reviewing the most recent court documentation before accepting minors as clients.  
      • Kris does not accept Medicaid, Insurance or EAP benefits.  
      • For families with out-of-network insurance benefits, Kris will provide super bills so parents can submit them to their insurance for reimbursement.  

Fees for Services are as follows:  

    • Intake/Initial Session - $200
    • 45-minute Individual Sessions - $150
    • 30-minute Individual Sessions and Parent Meetings - $100
    • Social Skills & Friendship Groups - $70 per person per group meeting
    • Cancellation Fee - $200

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