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Hi, I'm Lacy! Welcome to my page. Do you often feel weighed down as if you are wearing a backpack full of bricks? We all have ‘bricks’ in or life and our bricks are all different. Maybe you have challenging life circumstances, painful memories, harmful habits, or unhealthy relationships. When we dump out our backpack and sort through the bricks we are able to lighten our load! We can stand taller, walk a little lighter, look a little freer. You will be able to see and feel the difference! Are you ready to clean out your backpack and get to feeling better? When you talk to me, we will work on strategies that allow you to address the causes of your heavy bricks and not put them back into your backpack. I’m passionate about working with adults, teens, and pre-teens to improve their mental health, relationships, and adjust to life’s challenges. My therapeutic approach is focused on how your thoughts and behaviors are getting in the way of you experiencing your best life.

 My passion for working with people began after earning my Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University-Commerce. I have been teaching middle school Science in Texas public schools for15 years. Throughout my years in public education, I learned the importance of communication, the power of empathy, the healing in kindness, and the value of diversity. I realized my passion for working with people went far beyond the classroom. The emotional well-being of my students and their families became my focus. I returned to Texas A&M University-Commerce to earn my graduate degrees in professional counseling and school counseling. As part of my graduate studies I am gaining 300 hours of in field experience. My internship with Cary Scott Counseling equips me with the needed skills to become a Licensed Clinician. I am part of a treatment team of mental health professionals. As a graduate student intern I facilitate groups, observe therapy sessions, and conduct therapy sessions under the supervision of my professors and Cary Scott LPC-S. I look forward to using my compassion, empathy, and respect to form genuine, trusting relationships with my clients as I have done in the classroom with students and their families for years.

I believe you deserve to live a life that gets you excited to wake up every morning. I want to help you achieve that life. The important values I embraced years ago as a teacher, enable me to facilitate a valuable therapeutic relationship that foster a judgement free, collaborative environment. Life is too short to be weighed down by a backpack of bricks. Free yourself from those life challenging situations and live your best life! Let’s get started unpacking your backpack! Contact me today at [email protected]. I am excited to work with you. 

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