Megan Shelton LPC Associate


Hi! I’m Megan. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my services. At Cary Scott Counseling I collaborate with a team of professional therapists on site to contribute to providing the best services possible.

My commitment to counseling and mental health started with my own journey in therapy in high school. As a 2 time national champion with my high school drill team and 8 years in studio dance; there was a lot of pressure to “measure up” and get the moves perfect while maintaining all the other responsibilities of a student and growing teenager. The discipline my successes demanded was valuable and I also had to learn how to find balance between who I was as an individual and the person I was in roles I fulfilled as a student and dancer. 

Asking for help can be vulnerable, it is also courageous and empowering. I offer teen girls a space to feel validated, accepted, and challenged to embrace their true beautifully unique self. I engage with my clients to see past the social media filters and external ideas of who they think they are expected to be. I help my clients to define who they are and make healthy choices that align with their identity. 

Life has many twists and turns and can be difficult to manage with all that we have going on. You don’t have to do it alone. Let’s start taking down the filters and start living a better more peaceful and authentic life!  Contact me today to get more information and schedule an appointment. 

[email protected] or call 972-454-4286

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8:00 am - varies per clinician where applicable


8:00 am - varies per clinician where applicable


8:00 am - varies per clinician where applicable


8:00 am - varies per clinician where applicable


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Times vary per provider