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We came to see Michele in crisis in our early 40’s over my husband’s sexual affair that almost blew our marriage apart. Because of our faith, neither of us believed in divorce but also couldn’t see how we could repair the damage done. Together we had built a successful business in Orange County and were raising four amazing kids here in this supposedly idyllic Newport Beach world. They had the best of everything. We’d “made it”. But, during our marriage crisis we were panicked, thinking we would lose it all.

Over a two year period Michele helped us fight and love our way through the muck toward forgiveness. Unbelievable stuff. We repaired an irreparable breach! While the betrayal was never forgotten, it was forgiven and our love has grown stronger. Now in our mid-60’s, retired and living in the mountains, we have eight grandchildren and more than enough love to go around. It hasn’t all been easy and we still fly in to see Dr. M for “tune-ups”. We could never have gotten through that crisis without Michele’s skill, strength, compassion, and unwavering faith in the power of our love. Sometimes when I look back, I still can’t believe we made it. - E. and S.

Who would ever imagine that two attorneys could make a marriage work. By the time we got to Dr M, it was probably too late. We were professional arguers. We'd been to several couples therapists over the course of our 20 year marriage; but right off we could feel the difference in her level of experience and effective way of working. Instead of us just sitting on the couch and arguing our cases before her... like making her the judge and arbiter of who is right and who is wrong...You know the typical couple session: "He said. She said". Dr M immediately changed that up by putting us in rolling chairs. It allowed my wife and I to look at each other and talk to each other rather than going through her as judge of whose right and whose wrong. It worked. We're good now. Thanks Dr McCormick! - A.

I came in to see Dr M after my dad died. It kind of threw me into a major crisis of identity. I started drinking and smoking and partying a lot. I didn’t want to feel any of it. I was angry all the time and it cost me my girlfriend. My relationship with my dad had been rocky and obviously I had unfinished business which was messing me up big time. My friend’s dad and his two daughters and son had seen Dr M as a family after his wife and their mom died suddenly. That dad knew me well since I was his son’s best friend and practically lived over there. Mr B said I was super depressed and just grieving. The next day he threw me in the car and took me in to see Dr M. I’m not a therapy kinda dude; but she knew how to draw me out and help me find my way back to myself. It was more than just the grieving. She helped me grow and find more of who I am as a man. I’m back in the game now working for a gaming company. I believe in myself enough now so that I went out and found a great woman. I still miss my Dad. - D.

My life was full of chaos when I first reached out to Dr. McCormick. I was lost and had no idea that I could manage life and relationships in a different way. I’d blown up my marriage by drifting away from my wife and getting emotionally involved with someone else. Clearly, this destroyed my wife’s trust in me. She was devastated. Tension was high. We fought a lot and I would blow and spin out of control when things went sideways. I even stayed away from the house to give her and the kids space. I was “in the dog house” and had to work on rebuilding trust. We had seen other therapists but no one helped us like Dr. McCormick. She was an absolute blessing to our family. Dr. M’s ability to listen to us both and her amazing skill was unsurpassed at bringing us together to face our issues in a loving way. She helped restore our marriage from absolute ruins. Even fractures with our children were repaired.

Through Dr. McCormick’s guidance we are forever changed. Today, I can pause before reacting to my emotions and fears. Major yelling in our home is a thing of the past. Life still happens, but it happens differently. I know myself much better and am more able to tune into my wife and children. I believe I’m a stronger man; yet, also more humble and grateful. Bottom-line, with Dr. M’s help, her faith in us, our growing trust in each other, and faith in our God, we are living proof that through hard work and perseverance, miracles do happen — even the most difficult ones. It’s definitely a process and quite a journey, but the destination is so worth it!- F.L.

I guess I was pretty messed up when I first came in to see Dr M. I was looking for a business coach because I was about to lose my upper management job at a major software company. I kept having uncontrollable urges while riding my road bike to amp it up, and ride straight out and over a cliff to meet my maker on the hard packed sand beach below. These urges would come out of nowhere. I was scared. Together Dr M and I worked to understand where this all came from so I could get my self-control back and be on my game at work. We looked at my medical and family history. Dr. M walked me through an intense dark place until I felt hope again. She was warm and skilled. I could tell she was experienced with heavy things. It felt like she “got” me and cared. That made all the difference. - N.

When my son came out to me as gay, he told me he was depressed and suicidal and didn’t really care about life. I frantically searched for a therapist who could understand what my son was going through and might help him through the challenges of being gay and encourage him in a more positive direction. It was fortunate to find Dr. McCormick’s website. I immediately called and left a voicemail expressing my my fear that I could lose my son. After the very first visit, my son seemed lighter and, after each session, he would smile just a little more and have more positive thoughts about life and had goals set. Dr. McCormick had me join some of these sessions for a little bit to express any concerns and to help my son and I communicate in a more positive way. This has been so instrumental in not only our ability to communicate on a daily basis, but to my son’s mental health. All of this was achieved in under a year. That was four years ago. This year, my son is going back to Dr. McCormick and I am certain that he will live a full and rewarding life. - S.

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