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So often clients ask me, what I do. With Integrative Therapy, I help your system tap into positive Neuroplasticity.
10 Natural Steps to Surviving Allergy Season!
I have put some great tips together and will even send you some extra support on these.
What do you do next? Covid-19
What's next?
Covid-19 Shopping, Teletherapy and Dr. Amen
Functional Therapy, Naturopathy, Neurology and Nutrition
I Believe That
Information on The Amen Clinic
The Connection Between Eating Disorders and ADHD
An episode of The Wellthier Together Podcast!
October Inspired Musings: ADHD, Vaping and ACE's
Does Unresolved Trauma and chronic illness, have your neurological system stuck in Fight, Flight, Freeze? Are ACE's making it harder for your immune system to do it's job?
Teen Vaping: Know The Facts
Early puberty onset is associated with earlier initiation and increased frequency of nicotine and alcohol use in adolescent males and females (Harrell et al., 1998, Patton et al., 2004, Wilson et al., 1994). Today puberty occurs at increasingly earlier ages, up to 3 years earlier than 100 years ago (Gluckman and Hanson, 2006).
Gut Health Is Immune Health
Leaky Gut = Leaky Brain. You must have healthy digestion. You must have 1-3 bowel movements a day. Your stool is not supposed to be super foul smelling. Cut out gluten: bread, pasta, crackers etc. Gut health = Immune Health
Gut Health Is Brain Health
I run a very important lab for gut health called a GI Map. If possible I do nervous system testing for infection first, to confirm findings. Why do I do this? Because Imbalances in flora and bacteria (bad bugs) increase your cravings, make your gut leaky and create focus, impulse and emotional regulation issues.
Know Your WHY's.
I had an intake with an ADHD teen with mood and behavior challenges recently. This is my typical client now: head injuries/concussions (Cerebellum and PFC) processing issues, high IQ though, massive impulse and mood issues, low protein diet, no veggies in diet, sleep issues and often times never properly worked-up.
Communicate. Empathize. Rehabilitate.
The research has shown that if you have experienced trauma, even perceived traumas, it impacts your ability to resist disease. Your immune system is more impaired. You are more like to develop illness, especially autoimmune diseases. This is a problem for a healer like myself, and talk therapy will only go so deep.
Root Cause Issue
I love this image, it's one of the more accurate, albeit overwhelming explanations. We are missing EMF's and then this would illustrate the toxic soup that explains the Why. Why do I feel bad, and struggle, while everyone else seems to be fine? They aren't, you are just the canary in the mine, you are the sensitive one.
What is Integrative Therapy?
I love sitting and talking with clients, we problem solve, we create treatment plans, and we set goals. It's just not enough, to truly address Impulse control, Focus, Motivation and Brain Fog.
Pro Tip Cleanse and Detox
All melatonin is not created equal. Seriously consider liposomal melatonin to not only help with sleep but also detox the brain. I carry good brands at in the store. If you have bloating, gut inflammation, the gut can't absorb a pill well.
Check out my recent interview with Spectrum News, the topic is the new Netflix series "Insatiable". The debate is whether this new show, debuting 08/10 is promoting "fat shaming" or "fat-phobia". I was happy to weigh in on this important topic.
ADHD Experts Podcast
I find that I must integrate therapy, coaching, nutrition and supplements to help clients with these combined struggles of weight and ADD. Check it out, see if this a familiar struggle for you.
Your ADHD Guide to Shedding Pounds
There is a connection to ADHD and Obesity, read more here! There are just deficits that ADHD adults have, that others don’t. 
Chemical Imbalance
Heavy metal burden and mineral imbalances impact health, psychological/emotional health and weight loss!I use hair mineral analysis, muscle testing and and tongue & nail analysis to assess for it. Then we address it!
Mental and nutritional health
This is a great quote, and one of the many reasons that I integrate mental health and natural/nutritional health. You can’t separate the two!
Integrative Session
I wrapped a 90 minute integrative session recently, with a young lady diagnosed previously with Aspergers and Binge Eating Disorder. After a mental health intake, plus a hair analysis, and food sensitivities assessment, I believe that the answer is different. 
Food Addiction?
Are you an emotional eater, a normal eater or a food addict?
Are you speaking up?!
assertiveness is a big part of your journey of managing food and mood. Learn how here!
It's a Lifestyle
It's all connected, learn more here!
Pain is motivation!
Learn how pain is necessary for change!
Lose weight with your thoughts! I want to help you learn to Think-Thin!!
Yes you can do this with the F4L Diva Slim Down!
You are what you think!
Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC explains.
It's Mental Health Awareness Month, learn more about Anxiety.
Helping Superwomen Live-Fit, with Happy Hormones
Tiffany connects the dots between Fat Loss Resistance, Food Intolerance and Feeling Stressed in this 55 minute presentation. You will see that it is all connected!
What about my Mood?
As an Integrative Therapist, the first thing that happens when I start to adjust the food part of my intervention, is fear! A typical client realizes that they have been using food to handle their feelings, when the terror sets in, because certain foods will be boxed out.
What is the difference between my services?
I offer Consulting, Coaching and Counseling, but how do you know which one is better for you.

I explain in this Clinic Minute update!
Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Mental Health
How do Functional Medicine, Naturopathy and Mental Health Integrate? Tiffany Brown-Bush MS, LPC, FDN, explains in this Clinic Minute update!
Advantages of Making Changes
What are the Advantages of making change? This technique will help you stay focused!

This F4L Integrative Clinic Minute by Tiffany Brown-Bush LPC, FDN is about Gratitude. Many clients are frustrated, angry, or disappointed about their weight loss, ability overcome an eating disorder, or their addiction. An important step within their treatment process is a gratitude practice. This video talks about treatment, goal setting, therapy expectations and why gratitude matters.
Black or White Thinking
A common thinking trap is Black or White Thinking. This is also known as All or None Thinking. We unintentionally cheat our ability to experience a great deal of happiness, by engaging in this type of thinking. It's a type of viewing things, as either one way or the other. "A person is either ugly or beautiful!" "A person is either on program or not!"
Just say YES!!
I'm an Integrative Therapist which means that clients will not just discuss their rational and irrational thoughts, but also their lifestyle. Nutrition is a very important part of treatment, and requires accepting that changes are necessary. Client resistance to change must be overcome to reach goals...