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Compass Counseling & Psychotherapy | Licensed Therapist based in HackenSack. Available for Virtual Counseling in select states. *Multi-state licensed therapist. Virtual Therapy available for individuals, couples, adolescents and groups.

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Multi-State Licensed Therapy

Compass Counseling & Psychotherapy provides in-person appointments in Hackensack, NJ and virtual/online appointments for the following states NJ, PA, GA, TX, DC, and VA.

Compass Counseling & Psychotherapy Is with You No Matter Where You Go!

Whether you're on the road for business, on a much-needed vacation, are working from home and have relocated, or have family in more than one state, finding a therapist licensed to work in the state you currently call home in is a necessity.

Compass Counseling & Psychotherapy holds multiple state licenses to ensure that no matter where life takes you, you can always reach the support you need.

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Featured Services

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Therapy for Couples

Couples and marriage counseling can make you stronger as a team and more ready to handle other issues in the future. Virtual Counseling available.

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Therapy for Artists

At the end of your day are you drained, isolated and uninspired? Perhaps it's time to find your balance and rediscover your creative spirit.

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Family Therapy

Therapy in the context of extended family can improve communication and connection. Virtual Counseling is available for groups across state lines!

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Virtual Counseling

Virtual Therapy available for individuals, couples, adolescents and groups.

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Whether you live in NJ, PA, DC, VA, GA, TX, and Washington DC , Compass Counseling & Psychotherapy is here to provide you with the support you need. If you need to talk, call today.

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