Pediatric & Teen Services

Specialized Services for Children and Teens

At BZA Behavioral Health, we are uniquely equipped to work with the unique challenges and concerns facing children, teens, and their families. Each member of our treatment team has specialized training AND experience working with adolescents and their families. Our treatment philosophy is grounded in evidence-based treatment and we believe that the central purpose of therapy is to identify and enhance a person’s unique strengths and ability to cope with life challenges. We appreciate each individual as part of a larger system of family members, educators, professionals, and peers that influence and are impacted by what happens in a youth’s life and we understand the importance of involving others in the care of our clients.

Clinicians at BZA Behavioral Health provide a variety of services specific to children and adolescents including:


• Assessment and Referrals

• Crisis Intervention

• Therapy for depression, anxiety, major life changes and other mental health conditions

• Treatment for ADHD & Behavioral Issues

• Early Childhood Assessment and Play Therapy

• Family Counseling

• Parenting Workshops

• Mood and Stress Management Groups

• Social Skills training

• Anger Management Treatment

• Substance Abuse Treatment

Pediatric Neuropsychology Program

Diagnostic assessment, testing, referral, and follow-up provided by a Clinical Psychologist are available for the following:

• Educational Concerns

• Learning Disabilities

• Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Attention Deficit Disorders

• Mood and Anxiety Disorders

• Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions

Child and Adolescent Risk Assessments

Our highly qualified team of child and adolescent specialists provide comprehensive assessments for students who are identified at-risk or potentially in need of a higher level of treatment and care. Assessments include interviews with the student, family members, and school professionals and can be scheduled within 48 hours from the time of referral and include a detailed report for the referring school.