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Tired of feeling ignored.  You want to stop the constant fighting.  You want to rekindle the romance you once felt for each other. Couples counseling from an experienced relationship coach will help. We are conveniently located in Scottsdale so give us a call today!

Whether you are dating, engaged, living together, married, or contemplating a divorce, a relationship coach can help the two of you do it healthily and positively.  Oftentimes listening skills are the hardest task to master. Communication is not only about what one says but also about what one hears. Recognizing and appreciating the different communication styles women and men have (Spaghetti versus Waffles).  Women can move from topic to topic, understanding the connection and the relevance.  This often causes frustration and a break down in communication because the man needs to compartmentalize each topic. As a relationship coach, I will teach you how to speak to each other in a way that meets both of your needs.

Having an unbiased, caring, and objective bystander helps a couple discuss the important issues relevant to them – such as child-rearing, in-laws, infidelity, or intimacy.  Coaching will empower the two of you and offer you the tools to communicate better with each other.

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