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Special Needs Counseling

Today, one in 26 families in the United States has a child who has been diagnosed with special needs.  When this happens, everyone in the family is affected and their lives are altered forever.  As a mother of a child with special needs I know how difficult it can be on the entire family.  The complexity of being the sibling of such a child.  The extra energy it takes and the strain on relationships.  Studies have shown that parents of a child with disability have a significantly higher rate of divorce.

Coaching a family with special needs offers the family an outlet and assists the entire family – parents, siblings, and the child with the disability an opportunity to work through their emotions and feelings of responsibility, guilt, resentment, anxiety, frustrations, or invisibility.  Making sure that everyone is taken care of is important.  As a family counselor, I am here as an expansion of the family committed to helping the quality of life of the family unit.

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