Counseling Approach

During the therapy process, I provide individual counseling sessions to help children learn and practice effective coping strategies. I also support children in learning more effective ways of expressing themselves and reacting in difficult situations.

I incorporate play therapy and/or sandtray therapy to help children express, process, and appropriately manage their emotions. Play is the natural way children explore and learn. Child-centered therapy provides children with an opportunity to express themselves in a nonjudgmental and accepting environment. This nonthreatening approach helps children work through and process their feelings as well as resolve underlying distress at their own pace. 

With play therapy, children select from a variety of toys in the playroom and act out various scenarios and stories. In sandtray therapy, children select figures to create a scene in a tray filled with sand. When a child finishes his or her scene in the sandtray, he or she can tell a story about what is happening in their scene. Both approaches help children discover new and more beneficial ways of responding and coping with life's challenges. 

Please note, I do not provide family, co-parenting, court-ordered, or reunification counseling or become involved in any court-related matters. I do not write reports, letters, or treatment summaries nor do I give my opinion regarding custody or parenting time arrangements. Regardless of custody or legal decision-making authority, I require both parents to agree and provide their consent in order for their child to participate in counseling services. I do not provide counseling services when parents are engaged in a contentious relationship with one another and/or involved in a high conflict divorce/separation process.

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