Professional services provided by a licensed psychologist are often partially covered by workplace and other benefits packages. Upon request, documentation will provided for reimbursement.                       

  • Initial 15-Minute Phone Consultation: Complimentary
  • Individual Psychotherapy Session: $250 per session
  • Group Psychotherapy Session: Varies by Group
  • **Phone Calls Lasting Beyond 15-minutes: $50/15min
  • **Holistic Services: Customized by individual need
  • **Add-On Holistic Service: Customized by service 
  • **Late Cancellation Fee (without providing 48 hours notice):  Full Cost of Session
  • **Psychosocial Evaluation for Legal Consultation: $1200+    

**Out of pocket costs generally not reimbursable by insurance



I participate with several healthcare insurance plans as an in-network provider. If you have a PPO or POS plan that I do not participate with, you most likely have what are called Out-Of-Network (OON) benefits. This means your insurance may reimburse you a percentage of any out-of-pocket costs as determined by your plan's coverage. I recommend calling your insurance provider directly to determine what your plan offers in this area- you may be surprised! Some people may prefer to opt out of using their insurance benefits and choose Self-Pay instead. When you use your insurance benefits, they are able to track, view and discuss any progress notes, diagnosis, and/or course of treatment as determined by your insurance provider's contract. For those seeking an extra layer of privacy, or those whose insurance plan does not offer out-of-network benefits, self-pay may be an option to pay for services. 

If you choose to use your Out-Of-Network benefits, I can provide the required documentation as a courtesy to speed along your reimbursement process.



I offer several slots for reduced fees. If you are interested in discussing a reduced fee, please contact me for additional details. 

NOTE: At this time, my reduced fee slots are full. 



I accept cash, personal check, FSA/HSA, and all major credit cards for payment. If you plan to use a personal check, FSA/HSA, or credit card, your form of payment name must match your name.  



It is important you make it to all your scheduled appointments. When there are missed appointments, it can cause a lapse in care that can inhibit treatment progress and growth. 

When you schedule an appointment, that time is now committed to your care. Each day's schedule is carefully planned to ensure adequate time to see clients, plan for sessions, complete reports, make calls, and all the other items that go into providing the best client care. If you don't show up, or don't provide enough cancellation notice, that time could have been scheduled for someone else who may require clinical attention, care or assessment.

Please provide 48 hours notice if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. Cancellation Fees equal the Full Cost of Services as listed above. Insurances do not cover or reimburse the cost associated with a missed session. Cancellation Policy



As a reminder, that if you are involved in divorce or custody litigation, I do not make recommendations to the court concerning custody or parenting issues as the court can appoint these types of individuals. However, should you provide my name as a potential witness and I receive a subpoena to make an appearance at a deposition or in trial, you will be financially responsible for my court fee, which is $2,000 per day (or any part thereof) due to my inability to be accessible or available for other clients on those days.

I do provide psychosocial and mental health evaluation for legal proceedings related to immigration needs in conjunction with an attorney for Asylum and Extreme Hardship Waiver requests. Service will include a 12-15 page report for documentation. Fee for this service will be determined on the unique circumstances of each case, beginning at $1,200. A court appearance will be an service and you will be financially responsible for more court fee of $2,000 per day or any part thereof. 

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