Psychological Services

Psychotherapy can offer you creative alternatives to the unfulfilling patterns in your life that leave you feeling drained, depleted, and anxious. Though building skills for new approaches and better understanding your emotions, pain, and needs, we can work together to help you get to those dreams of yours that have seemed like only wishes. Find out a bit more about how psychotherapy can help you get back on track to that life you want to celebrate! 


Individual Psychotherapy

There is a time in everyone's life where we feel that we have hit a wall; we are overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated, and in need of some sort of change.  Read more about Individual Psychotherapy here.


Group Therapy

Group therapy offers unique ways of reconnecting with others who are going through the same thing... but it also offers us a chance to reconnect with ourselves in a different way. I offer a number of different groups because I really do believe there is a special healing power created in a group. Read more about the groups I offer here.


Online Counseling

For some people online therapy may be a practical alternative to in-office visits. Some of my clients use this option in conjunction with their face-to-face sessions and others find it so effective that we only use online video counseling. Learn more about my online counseling option here.


Psychological Testing

Psychological tests can evaluate ability, such as intelligence, aptitudes, skills and achievement; personality characteristics, such as traits, attitudes, interests and values; and mental health, such as psychological functioning or signs of psychological or neurological disorders. When tests are standardized, psychologists can compare results from one individual with those of others so that we can best determine your needs and how to strengthen areas for development and support your strengths.



Contact me so that we can explore which approach works best for your needs together! 


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