Bariatric Counseling

Bariatric counseling is multifaceted and intricate. If you are interested in reducing your weight, seeking surgery, or have already had surgery and have not reached your goal weight, we can help you achieve your goals.

Services include:

Bariatric Counseling Services

Pre-Surgical Evaluations include my assessment that will provide a complete overview of your strengths and weaknesses before going into surgery. This assessment is vital to understand for your lasting success.

The evaluation will provide you with professional information as well as strategies to overcome possible setbacks in your future. The process of this assessment is not to prevent anyone from having surgery, quite the opposite. It’s important to be ready to participate in the activities that are required for you after surgery so the easier it will be to integrate the new life style changes into your daily life. I encourage all weight loss clients to participate in ongoing counseling and education.

All eating disorders are painful and overwhelming conditions. By opting for surgery, you have made a bold step in limiting your body’s ability to absorb calories. That drastic measure can be more effective when combined with counseling that helps you understand and overcome the issues that contributed to your obesity.

These issues do not go away simply because your body can no longer easily ingest large quantities of food

As part of your pre-surgery assessment, you undoubtedly learned about the very real possibility of psychological complications after surgery. Those complications are normal and something that all medical professionals understand can happen.

The Process:

Anyone considering bariatric surgery will need to complete a Bariatric Assessment includes a standardize assessment, a clinical interview a series of questions, and review of the testing data, and a follow-up appointment 6 months after surgery.

Initially you will make two appointments, one for the testing, and the other for the clinical interview to get your results. Once the assessments are evaluated, they are scored and analyzed so that you have the results and information you need to proceed with the surgery.

We also offer a 6 month follow up appointment to touch base and see how things are going.

Benefits of Bariatric Counseling

  1. You will have better weight loss results. Individuals who participate in weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly therapeutic counseling have better success rates.
  2. You will learn how to change your relationship to food. Surgery alone will not change how you think and feel about food. Understanding the core issues and beliefs that drive your behavior will make your voyage easier.
  3. Staying motivated. After a while the novelty of surgery will wear off, and motivation may subside. Counseling will teach you to begin to set goals and create changes that help you build the life you want.
  4. Relationship problems are common; they include marital, family, work and friendships. Counseling can help you work through the process of change.

You will be welcomed into a safe, supportive environment that helps you find and address the issues that arise after surgery.

Solutions Program specializes in psychological issues all bariatric surgery patients face. We can meet with you in our suburban Atlanta office or arrange convenient sessions via Skype.

You will be welcomed into a safe, supportive environment that helps you find and address the issues that arise after surgery.

If you are considering surgery, or have had surgery and need extra support, Solutions Program is the place for you.