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Have you tried so many diets that all you've lost is hope?

The vicious cycle of Compulsive Overeating, Emotional and Binge Eating can make you feel so hopeless and isolated that you feel like a prisoner in your own body!
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I binged and promised to diet the next day?
  • Have I begun exercise programs only to drop them quickly?
  • Am I impulsive?
  • Do I get overwhelmed easily?
  • Have I tried every diet available?
  • Am I afraid to eat carbs?
  • Do I feel that once I’m thin I’ll be ok?
  • Am I overly sensitive to criticism?

Solutions offers answers for people wanting to break the cycle of dieting and out-of-control eating.

Virginia Porcello, Ph.D., LPC, LMHC an expert in the field of eating disorders, developed the Solutions program from more than 25 years of expertise working with compulsive eaters and binge eaters combined with her personal journey of weighing more than 400 pounds by the age of 19, losing more than 200 pounds and managing her weight for the last 35 years.

You will be absolutely amazed by her ability to build a safe, supportive environment where she creates feelings of hope and change for her patients. She teaches powerful insights about your “inner core hungers” that will have profound effects on your self-destructive behaviors and your relationship with food.

This is not a weight loss program, nor a quick fix. The program is an opportunity for you to connect to your inner conflicts and change the way you react to them. It is a program for those who want freedom from self-hatred, low self-esteem, and judgments and criticisms of themselves. It’s the difference between living every day stressing about your overeating and weight, or living in peace and treating your body with respect, and losing weight as a result of those changes.

Solutions Program for Eating Disorders offers a host of individualized services designed to address your specific needs.

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping
  • Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluations and Post-surgical Counseling

We offer office hours to accommodate most schedules. We’re open from Monday through Saturday and have both day and evening appointments available.

Initial assessments/evaluations or telephone consultations are by appointment only, please.