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How To Manage Overwhelming Emotions

For many of us, our mind is running on overdrive with a million thoughts a minute. Sometimes, we might even feel like we are constantly bracing ourselves for the next “hit” or that other shoe to drop. We might even try to slow down and catch our breath… READ MORE

[Last Call] Mindfulness Matters 1 Day Workshop Enrollment CLOSING!

It’s another Mindful Monday today! For many of us, we start the week off with a groan or dread while also berating ourself for not enjoying every minute that we have. Today though is an opportunity to take a different approach and try one small thing to make a shift!


Mindfulness Matters 1 Day Workshop - Enrollment Closes Today!

It’s another Mindful Monday today! For many of us, we start the week off with a groan or dread while also berating ourself for not enjoying every minute that we have. Today though is an opportunity to take a different approach and try one small thing to make a shift!


Mindfulness Matters 1 Day Workshop Enrollment Closing!

If you have ever said… I can’t focus or think straight I can’t seem to figure out what I want Everyone judges me I’m not good enough


Sleep Soundly!

Most of the people I work with loooooove a good nap after or to sleep in on days off, but daylight savings time has thrown a wrench in even the healthiest of sleep schedules!  READ MORE

Crystal Healing Services Boost Your Mental Wellbeing So That You Can SHINE!

Who isn’t attracted to the sparkle of the beautiful crystals as the sunlight bounces off them, shining light and rainbow prisms of light around a room? But the reason we are drawn to crystals goes far beyond their beauty. Crystal healing offers us a connection through your crystalline body to the crystals of the earth through their electromagnetic field to bring you back into emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance. READ MORE

Discovering Yourself

Feeling like you are a bit of a mystery to yourself? Maybe it has been feeling like the self help books just haven’t been cutting it anymore. Or maybe you are wondering what it is about you that makes you operate in just that way! READ MORE

Learning to Love Ourselves

Self-compassion is a powerful tool you can use to improve your well-being, self confidence and resilience. Many find it easy to have compassion for others but struggle in applying this same kindness to themselves. By taking moments throughout your day to pause and practice self compassion, you can gradually increase this quality and make it a more regular habit in your life. My “Beyond the Couch” podcast interview with Dr. Ellis Edmunds highlights some of the key ways that we can begin practicing this so that it can become an everyday as pet of our lives.  READ MORE

Beyond the Nonjudgemental Stance

Last week, we examined one of the key elements of Mindfulness – practicing the non-judgmental stance. Today, I’d like to extend that so that we can really expand on the benefits into our own everyday lives. READ MORE

Mindfulness - Practicing the Nonjudgmental Stance

One of the key elements of Mindfulness is practicing the non-judgmental stance.

Mindfulness refers to awareness of the present moment without judgment and the thing is… judgments are often difficult for us to notice and sometimes even more difficult for us to shake.


Take Hold of Your Overwhelming Emotions!

Sometimes, we have intense emotions that are difficult to manage, such as anger, shame, depression, or anxiety. Difficulties controlling these emotions often lead to problematic behaviors that affect us and those around us. Problematic behaviors are often ineffective solutions to intensely painful emotions. We then find ourselves in a never-ending cycle of feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions and wanting to shut our feelings out completely. READ MORE

STOP Reacting and Start Responding Powerfully

Mindfulness is a way of restraining yourself to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life. It is a way of reasserting control of your mental and emotional life, by helping you reconnect to the present moment, rather than the pain of the past or anxiety about the future. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives.  It is not necessarily a method of getting rid of life’s pressures, but it can help us respond to them in a calmer manner that benefits our heart, head, and body.  READ MORE  

Discover How To Own Your Worth In Relationships

We love the people who matter to us in our lives. But they have flaws and sometimes those same people we love disappoint us. They treat us unfairly or misunderstand our needs, leaving us feeling hurt, angry or let down. Mindfulness skills can be used to help us preserve self-respect in our own relationships and to guide us toward more healthy relationships too.  READ MORE

Mindfulness – Why Bother?

Have you felt as though your mind is controlling you rather than you controlling your mind? Perhaps you’ve felt like you have no control over your attention. Maybe you have even noticed that, while you are trying to focus on doing one thing, other things seem to intrude into your mind. For example, you might find yourself texting someone while you’re talking to someone else and have no idea what’s said in either conversation.  READ MORE

"Mindfulness Matters Group – Now Enrolling!"

This 8-week group will provide you with support + give you the skills to… READ MORE

"Beyond the Couch" Season 2 Kickoff!

I’m really excited today to kick off “Beyond the Couch” podcast‘s second Season! We had such great episodes last season where we highlighted some of the ways that you can get back on track after difficult, painful, and even scary experiences so that you could recreate joy, freedom, and happiness to build a life that you want to celebrate. READ MORE

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