Anxiety is one of the most uncomfortable and unsettling emotions. We don't like feeling it!

We often try desperately to get rid of it any way we can ....but that doesn't usually work in a sustainable way.  In fact, it can back fire, because we end up getting anxious about being anxious and find ourselves in an escalating loop of unhelpful and uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. We end up feeling at war inside ourselves, trying and failing to get rid of the anxiety We may try to avoid things or situations that make us anxious, and then find that we are avoiding too much and limiting our lives in unsatisfactory ways.

So, what does work?

Although it is counter intuitive, it is often helpful to make friends with anxiety and learn to witness it with acceptance without merging with it or letting it take over.

With this in mind, here are two tried and true methods that I offer:

A Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Approach

  • Developing the ability to be kind to yourself
  • Noticing and understanding which thoughts and behaviors patterns are helpful and which are not
  • Developing new thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, which actually create new neural pathways
  • Persisting until these new thoughts and behaviors become habitual
  • Becoming more present and alive in each moment


  • Enhancing one's ability to allow the mind to quiet and the body to relax
  • Improving the ability to focus your attention
  • Dropping in the your inner world of emotions, images, memories, sensations
  • Using hypnosis to access and resolve subconscious beliefs that drive anxiety
  • Identifying any unresolved traumas that are affecting well-being in your present life

With skilled and caring support in these approaches, you can free yourself from the tyranny of anxiety and become more able to enjoy life and manifest your potential.

I customize and personalize each treatment plan to fit the personality, issues and needs of each client.

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