Options for Self Care

When you are in emotional distress, try one of these options:

Soothing or Comforting Activities
- Let go of trying to fix or figure things out. You can come back to problem solving later.
- Let your nervous system settle. Bring your attention to slow deep breathing.  Invite your body to let go of unnecessary tension.

Express Your Feelings
- Sometimes you just need to let it all out! A good cry releases stress hormones.
- Writing in a journal can help move the feelings through.

Change the Channel
- It's OK to distract yourself sometimes. Try reading a good novel or watching funny movie.

Reach Out for Support
- We all need help now and then. Maybe you just need to be listened to and understood.
- Guess what? Often people like to be asked for help!
- Sometimes seeking professional help makes sense.

Tune Into Your Body
- Ask (And Listen for Answer) -
"What does my body need right now?"

***Consider making your own list of specific examples for each of these categories of self care.
That way, when you are really upset and it's hard to think clearly, you can refer to the list for ideas.

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