At ARK, we are grateful for the responses from our clients who have been where you are and have found peace in our methods of healing.

Testimonials of Healing


My therapist is an extraordinary therapist extremely knowledgeable about her craft, she’s very patient despite the kick back, that she has received from me. However, she loves what she does and she does it most definitely out of love for you to be well mentally and beyond. When coming to her you are going to have to be already set in your mind, to do the work that’s needed to become the person that God has called you to be. If not, having that mind set. I would personally say it would and will be a waste of time. Thank you, for all who you are and all that you do. With love, C.B

Paige Williamson
Media Student

My counselor genuinely cares about me and my mental and emotional health. But more than that, she cares about my relationship with the Lord. She does a great using science and practices behind mental health and Scripture. THANK YOU Miss Emma!

Rebekah Orji
Health Care Professional

I now know how to disagree without it becoming a major event. We are also very aware of our own behaviors and how it makes the other person feel. treatment via our several platforms.

Daniel Makei
High School Administrator

After our first session I found my nearly overwhelming inner turmoil reduced to a manageable level. Since then, I’ve found myself more able to say what I’m thinking about the treatment..

Rahel Obasanjo
Restaurant Owner

My therapist provided the treatment I needed and I have given her name to several friends. The agency is set-up well and operates smoothly. I appreciate the website and the direct voicemail to my therapist it step is very easy for customer.


Building Friendship Through Art 
2nd Grades-5th Grades
In-person & Virtual
Date: February/May, 2023
Mondays & Wednesdays
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