Training and Prevention Program Workshops

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The ARK Prevention program provides education and support to children and adults, giving them the skills/tools needed to make healthy life choices. Using up to date evidenced-based curriculum our staff facilitate groups and activities for all age groups. Our programs are designed to stabilize and help clients recover from challenges in ways that ultimately strengthen the community.

Family training for the biological, foster, and adoptive families of children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional and/ or substance abuse problems:

GOAL- These groups discourage/prevent bullying and truancy, lessen a child’s risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and also decrease the likelihood that they will abuse alcohol and drugs.

Using up to date evidenced-based curriculum our staff facilitate groups and activities for at-risk youth. The program is designed to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for adults in our community as well. Staff provides participants with the tools necessary to enable them to provide a safe and functional home environment for the supportive developmental growth of their children.

Community Support Individual(CSI)

GOAL-Community-based support and training for youth requiring additional services in order to successfully transition back into the community or avoid out of-home placement

Crisis Intervention

GOAL-Services directed toward the support of a child who is experiencing an abrupt and substantial change in behavior, marked by severe impairment of functioning or an increase in personal distress; providing by a mental health professional a CSI under the document supervised of an MHP.

Is My Child Depressed?

GOAL-Causes of Childhood Depression
What are the signs and symptoms of childhood depression? 10-15% of children and adolescents exhibit symptoms of depression at some point in time. (Source: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Resource for Families). Depression may coexist with other conditions such as ADHD, PTSD, learning disabilities, or anxiety disorders. Depression may manifest itself in dysthymia, bipolar disorder, or other mood disorders. Treatment is essential and may include cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, play therapy techniques or family therapy. This workshop will review the various causes of childhood depression and what can be done to help the child.

Parent Coaching

GOAL-Where more limited intervention is warranted, we provide support and coaching for parents wishing to improve their skills. We offer individual parent coaching as well as parent coaching skills groups to help with a wide range of specific issues, such as addressing conflicts over screen time, encouraging children to do chores, or helping teens interact with the family in a positive way. Parent coaching can be effective where family strife arises primarily from children who struggle to emotional regulation. Research conducted in 2019 found that parent coaching was at least as effective as working only with the children. In this context, the use of parent coaching has the added, substantial benefit of avoiding identifying the child as “the problem in the family” and resulting stigma.

Other trainings

  • Teen Parent Alternative Program
  • Employment Readiness
  • Health Education


Parenting Seminars

GOAL-Parenting Education 

Our parenting classes are designed to strengthen and enhance parent-child relationships. These classes feature group discussion, home practice exercises, and activities to improve family dynamics.

Attend a virtual seminar for parenting.  These 60-minute seminars focus on a range of topics for parents and provide research-proven practical tips for everyday parenting!

speaking engagements

Retreats and Speaking Engagements

Goals: ARK offers speaking which is a direct service for the whole church, retreats, small groups, or staff. It may help improve self-care, teamwork, strengthen skills, or provide the ability to train others.  Topic ideas include parenting, marriage, and spiritual care and development.



Building Friendship Through Art 
2nd Grades-5th Grades
In-person & Virtual
Date: February/May, 2023
Mondays & Wednesdays
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