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Regular Tutoring: Tutoring sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and can occur 1-5 times per week.  Our teachers can tutor students virtually, in their homes, at our offices or at another quiet location. Tutoring can occur throughout the school year and through the summer months, up until middle school.  Many parents and children request tutoring services in the months leading up to state- and city-wide standardized tests.

Our Approach







Sessions and Review:




Goals: Behavioral Tutoring (BT) Therapy and homework help provides 1:1 support for children after school to increase their success during homework time. The therapist will work with the family to create an individualized homework plan, with the goal being to increase the child's ability to self-monitor and work independently.

How Our Behavioral Tutoring Works

Goals: Utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis, behavioral tutoring is a therapy that focuses on breaking down tasks into smaller and more doable steps so that the child can feel successful each step of the way. While fostering a social connection through learning in an effort to increase self-confidence, your child will alter their perspective on learning.

Who Benefits From Behavioral Tutoring?

  • Families who want to decrease stress in the household during homework time
  • Children ages 6+
  • Children with or without IEP's
  • Children who display behavioral challenges during homework time
  • Children with specific learning needs, such as: ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, expressive and receptive language delays, nonverbal learning disorder, and autism spectrum disorders

Behavioral Tutoring is different from regular tutoring by:

  1. Creating a specialized homework environment conducive to your child's learning style
  2. Teaching self-monitoring and executive function skills to the student and parents
  3. Providing visual schedules to promote independence and follow through
  4. Emphasizing planning and organizational skills


Building Friendship Through Art 
2nd Grades-5th Grades
In-person & Virtual
Date: February/May, 2023
Mondays & Wednesdays
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