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Many research studies indicate that most important factor in effective psychotherapy is a strong, positive relationship between the therapist and the client. Bearing this in mind, it is critical for you to find a good fit when selecting a therapist.  

Each mental health professional chosen for the Transcendence team was selected due to not only excellent professional skills, but also their extraordinary level of empathy and compassion toward their clients. We truly care about are clients and are personally invested in the relationships we build with you.


Owner,  PhD, Licensed Psychologist

My priority is to treat each person with compassion, respect, and kindness. I strive
to help my clients get to the
root of their challenges using experiential, emotional processing techniques to make lasting changes in their lives
and help them help themselves over a lifetime. 

I believe it is never too late to accomplish your life goals. I
have 20 years of experience helping people with depression, anxiety, bipolar, addictions, chronic illness, HIV/AIDS, grief, death/dying, post-traumatic stress, adjustment to disability, dissociative disorder, and
sexual and gender identity issues (LGBTQ+). 

I have a strong background in helping people recover from dysfunctional families and traumatic childhoods. I enjoy working with adults of all ages, including senior citizens, and
am experienced in working
with first responders - i.e., Police, Fire, EMS, teachers, and military and war veterans.

Dr. Williams' caseload is currently full.


MA, TLLP, RYT, Temporary Limited License Psychologist

You’re tired, overwhelmed, frustrated. Sometimes you wonder if you can keep going. You need a break and I know, more than anything, you need an ear. How do you get unstuck? Are you looking for answers to undo old destructive patterns? The first step is reaching out. My multidisciplinary approach focuses on laying the foundation for new beginnings and creating a path that will bring you closer to the life you desire. I will offer you a space that is safe and supportive to address issues with self-esteem, chronic stress, mommy burnout, postpartum, care-taking, generalized anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, and hopelessness.

I am honored to be invited to accompany you on your journey, to offer insight, guidance, and expertise that will help you undo old patterns and create new ones. You are the expert in your life, I will listen for repetitive patterns, emotional barriers or other limiting beliefs that may be contributing to your current situation and I will offer options.


MS, LLPC, Temporary Limited License Psychologist

Often we are faced with life issues that prove to be challenging, I am here to help through the tough spots and to be present with you on your journey through. I enjoy working adults and children, having 16 years of experience with children between the ages of 6-15. I pride myself in providing a warm, non-judgmental environment to help address issues and help you resume living a positive and fulfilling life. My areas of practice include anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, loss, grief, and behavioral problems.


MA, Temporary Limited License Psychologist

I am trained in Humanistic Psychology which uses various modalities to meet you where you are and attend to your specific needs. I believe the therapeutic alliance between client and therapist is a powerful tool that promotes healing, personal growth, and overall wellness. 

My goal is to create an environment in which you feel safe discussing all that you need to: The good things, the bad things, the ugly truth. All topics are welcome here. We'll work together to get you to a better place: mind, body & spirit. I offer flexible hours and online appointments to accommodate busy schedules. I do travel for work occasionally so online appointments can help us stay connected. 

I believe an active and engaging lifestyle is important to overall mental health. I explore this in my own life and encourage my clients to do the same. Finding purpose and passion can be difficult, but I believe finding your way is possible. I look forward to speaking with you!


PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

My goal is to create an environment of mutual trust and respect, wherein my clients and I work together to explore their innermost fears, goals, and ultimately what is holding them back from creating the life they want. I thrive working with complex treatment issues, such as personality disorders, addictions, and co-occurring disorders, criminal/legal issues, trauma-related issues, emotional and behavioral dysregulation issues, interpersonal issues, psychotic disorders, bipolar and severe mood disorders. I also have experience with adjustment disorders, grieving, ADHD, sexual disorders, gender dysphoria, issues related to culture/race/ethnicity, parenting, and chronic pain.

Dr. Marrow's caseload is currently full.


MA, Limited License Psychologist

Throughout my experiences of providing therapy, I have worked with conditions including but not limited to anxiety, grief/loss, depression, life adjustments, anger issues, trauma, and LGBTQIA matters. I work with adolescents and adults of all backgrounds. Utilizing my background in existential-humanistic psychology, I provide an insightful and individualized therapeutic experience. The impacts of emotional and mental difficulties can be challenging to individuals, but it is always possible to gain new perspectives that help to heal us from our hardships.

“We can help a person to be themselves by our own willingness to steep ourselves temporarily in their world, in their private feelings and experiences. By our affirmation of the person as they are, we give them support and strength to take the next step in their own growth.”

 - Clark Moustakas


MA, Limited License Psychologist

More info to come!


MA, Limited License Psychologist

I work as a team with clients and families to bring about meaningful change. I believe the best therapy occurs when there is a good match between a therapist and a client/family. A good match includes feeling comfortable, safe (physically and emotionally), accepted, and understood. I value maintaining people's privacy in and out of session. I am happy to provide a free initial consultation over the phone to see if my services could be of help.


MS, LPC, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Allison holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Memphis. Allison has worked in the area of substance abuse therapy since 2016 and approaches therapeutic intervention from a culturally open stance.

Therapeutically, Allison believes that change occurs in an emotionally safe environment where clients can learn to understand their past experiences and behaviors allowing them to create healthy, productive and self-advocating lives. She works with clients who suffer from addiction, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and relationship struggles. Allison uses Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy approaches.

Allison is personally and professionally committed to helping individuals improve the quality of their lives through, in part, developing a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients. She is credentialed as a licensed professional counselor, a national certified counselor, and is gaining both the experience and knowledge to be a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Michigan.

Ms. Lola Williams

Therapy Dog

As Dr. Williams' assistant, my priority is to sit on your lap and comfort you during sessions. I love people and treats.



Ph.D., MA, Limited License Professional Counselor

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