imgContact Information:

Phone Number:  503-327-6440

It can be a vulnerable experience calling a therapist for the first time. In order to determine what type of therapy will suit your needs, you can call me for an initial free (15 minute) phone consultation. This way you can get a feel for my style and approach and I can asses your needs and expectations. We can then collaborate on your therapeutic goals or if the fit isn't appropriate, I can refer you to other professional therapists.

                                                                                                                            Location of office:

1148 Executive Circle Suite 6
Cary, NC 27511

213 Culbreth Dr
Wilmington, NC 28405

Sessions and office policy: Therapeutic Sessions last 50 minutes and are usually weekly,
and some I see more frequently. Some couple or Hypnotherapy sessions are 75 to 90 minutes.

Fees: Feel free to call me to discuss my current fee. I do have some limited sliding scale
spots depending on the individual's or couple's overall income.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made with less than 48 hours prior to your appointment are charged at the full rate of the session.

Insurance: I  can provide a super bill if a diagnosis is appropriate for your situation. I am not on insurance panels.

Confidentiality: Trust in therapy depends partly on knowing you have a space to talk freely about the full range of your concerns, fantasies, impulses and desires. There are however some legally mandated and ethically warranted exceptions to confidentiality. Primary among these are child abuse or neglect (including sex with a minor, if you are over 18), on-line child pornography, elder or dependent adult abuse, a court order, or someone presenting a serious threat of suicidal intent, or a serious threat of harm against another person(s) or their property.