Emotionally Focused Therapy

This is a form of therapy that primarily focuses on the underlying emotions that are involved in any given discussion or argument. It can be used in either individual or couples therapy.Quite often in relationship we focus on the story of what is being said or on the behavior that is being shown only to lose track of the love between us.Emotionally focused therapy helps individuals or couples to show down, identify their vulnerable emotions, and teaches clients how to express needs in a safe way.This
is an evidence based therapy and one of the most successful forms of couples therapy worldwide and is also used in individual therapy.

The work is based on Dr. Sue Johnson's work and clients often learn unique and easy ways to express what they are really wanting to express, without harming their partners.Clients who work with this technique report that they understand their motivations and behaviors much better, and have a much deeper understanding for their partners , friends, families and co workers and communities.

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