Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional analysis is a Psychoanalytical theory and method which helps the client to understand as a communicator the role that is played whether it be parent-like, child-like or adult-like. The theory is based on the concept that when we regress into a child-like state we quite often expect the other in relationship to parent or take care of us.  Alternatively, we can fall into being the critical parent- like role insisting or inflicting our demands on others. This role can cause upset in relationship causing the other to fall into a child-like state in protest. We learn these roles in childhood, and have certain triggers that cause us to regress or fall out of our adult roles  into either wounded child or critical parent.
The work is experiential and also embraces Gestalt Therapy techniques to engage the client in the process. The goal is to support the client to feel empowered in adult like states so as to ask for what is needed and embrace change and growth.

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