Gestalt Therapy

This technique helps the client to focus on the "here and now". It allows the client to develop a better awareness in relationship to present time. The process involves focusing on emotional , mental and body senses. Sometimes something as basic as focusing on the client's breath can give a window into what emotions are really present. The work is experiential, and the therapist will give direct feedback when appropriate regarding the client’s expression, body language and presence so as to help the client to access more authentic feelings.

Gestalt therapy essentially aims to support the client embracing the sum of all the parts of the self. This work involves helping the
client to understand how all of the parts relate to the greater whole. The client explores the role that past experiences and or family of origin influences the present day experience. This process is  an engaging experiential experience where the client can learn to have
a greater understanding of the reactivity showing up in present day. The goal is to embrace and accept what is present , in order to change and grow.

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